1. Yeah that's understandable, but surely OP would've mentioned that in his post if she was. It reads like it's just a regular everyday occurrence.

  2. Excuse me. International Roast.

  3. Not related, but what site theme are you using? I don't think I've seen it before!

  4. Yeah and after she made out with Jeremiah she said something like everything before saying I love you doesn’t count, but she freaked out when Big was dating other women.

  5. 🎵 I got fiiiiiive on it 🎵

  6. I had no idea you couldn't take the stamps out! My disappointment is immeasurable... but I'm glad I learned now.

  7. I know books are but not stamps. 😭

  8. YES!! I just posted about this in the SATC inaccuracies thread. This lazy af writing lives in my head rent free FOREVER.

  9. In S1 Carrie and Big are about to go away (St Barts?) and he doesn’t tell her what she wants to hear and she decides not to go. She says “I love you but I can’t.”

  10. I love her reactions. Show her more pets please! 🤣

  11. Update 22/3/23 This shit is still happening. Can't see who's attending (only friends attending).

  12. Yeah apparently my Pets are "so excited to visit they forget they were hungry."

  13. Exactly! What an asshole. I always felt bad for him when I was a kid. Now I understand why he was abandoned.

  14. I'm going to hell for lmao at that.

  15. I bought some of the lower priced items that I knew many people wouldn’t pick out, and sold them for 10k less than I saw on SW. I earned about 7mil!

  16. Which items did you sell for the most?

  17. The show would finally be fun.

  18. Pathetic. Genocidal dicktators have an agenda. They can’t be “talked” out of it.

  19. JFC. Fuck this fucking family. I hope they lose everything then rot in hell. Poor North. My heart. 😩

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