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  1. It was brighest in the shorter wavelengths, which I colored blue. These false color images involve a lot of stylistic choice

  2. What liberties do you take when you use stylistic choice? Red and blue are significant colors in astronomy for their implications so I’m just wondering.

  3. It’ll all be black in a few years my friend

  4. Painting - I can do any trade under the sun but man I hate painting.

  5. Not sabotage. It's the deep sea creatures coming up to eat humanity after eons of hiding in the deep trenches. Don't you read! It's a megalodon! or maybe a giant octopus!

  6. Arthur C Clarke would like to have a word with you

  7. It is not built like one, but as always, ask an engineer.

  8. In theory, if it were load bearing, with a single top plate, you’re required by code to only allow 1” offset ( I think) from studs/joist.

  9. Yeah this is why an engineer should see it. I’m just a jagoff who built one (1) wall in his whole life lol

  10. We have money to do this, but people in our country have no access to water, and minor in comparison but our local elementary school has no HVAC and the classes are 110F indoors.

  11. NASA receives less than one penny for each dollar the US spends federally. Your outrage is valid, but directed at the wrong agency. Perhaps the military industrial complex could spare a few of their trillion shekels to fix the AC.

  12. “Desantis” is in the title. So it’s drawing them like moths to a flame.

  13. Hard to have a conversation when every thread is “flaired users only” so it’s no surprise the only thing left to do is to downvote

  14. MTG is a real piece of trash but this title is wrong. Don’t put something in quotes if she didn’t actually say it. Click bait.

  15. Really? She said that treason is punishable by death and that Pelosi is guilty of treason. What conclusion did you come to from that?

  16. The issue is OP used quotation marks which would mean the title is a direct quotation, which it is not.

  17. If ya wanna save your back, stop what you’re doing. Clean up the mess, fill in your holes with some concrete, and you can lay your new flooring on top so long as it’s either carpet or plank flooring at least 3/8” thick.

  18. I considered this but the floor will be too high with another layer on top. Also the subfloor is really squeaky, so I need to strip this tile and the lino underneath and screw the subfloor down to the joists.

  19. Ah I gotcha. For me it was just a matter of cutting the bottoms off the doors, but if your subfloor is squeaky then ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Best of luck.

  20. Idk if this helps but NA Miatas run 195s/205s on x8s all the time. I never had to roll my fenders with that setup. It depends on suspension drop and offset of the wheels too.

  21. Yea it looked so much better before and was way faster.

  22. Proof of concept I’d say. Been out of the game for decades but I haven’t really seen a tag used as a throwie before either. Cool idea

  23. had they let the black dry it probably wouldve looked better in the end. seems the black bled through pretty heavily.

  24. Yeah it did. Live and learn though. Looks like a chill spot, could be wrong but no reason to rush over the wet paint. Cool idea still though, I liked it

  25. Inset live edge in the tile. As a craftsman myself I really like that, it’s unique.

  26. Ubisoft quit making good games a long time ago

  27. I have an NA and a Fit too! Good combo, would you be willing/able to fix up the NA?

  28. Wouldn’t that mess with the weight and aerodynamics of the drone tho? Must be a drone made to carry stuff

  29. The Ukrainians are strapping revolving grenade droppers onto consumer grade drones lol

  30. If you’re not opposed to exposed conduit (I think it’ll fit in with the moody dark paint anyways), you can go hog wild with any fixture of your liking without having to worry about pulling wire above the ceiling or cutting your ceiling.

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