December Confirmed Trade Thread

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  1. Wow vintage Dom!! Those would go for a few thousand bucks at an auction, the 70s Rothschilds too probably. And the Opus ones upwards of $500 at auctions or online bidding Im not sure about price points on the rest but 60s Pomerol and St. Emillon, I would hang on to those just for fun pass that down the family line as coveted treasure 🤑

  2. Looks like I need to invest in a mini wine cellar

  3. Drink the 14 Phelps insignia. Not much resale value or super special compared to some of the others, but not a cheap bottle by any means. Will be better than any of the Opus by far. It will still be fresh and will be amazing even for a non wine drinker, might even turn you into one. A gateway drug. Open it with a nice steak dinner to celebrate your haul.

  4. I think I’ll take you up on that suggestion

  5. After 25 years, every bottle opening is a gamble, especially if they travelled or went through multiple owners but you don't throw away a vintage Chateau Laffite or Petrus without trying it first. Some of these bottles might very well be worth thousands of dollars.

  6. I’m in Alabama, and they all have the control board tag on them so hopefully there wasn’t too much moving of them. The worst part is I can’t even find a name of the person that owned the storage unit. It’s sad, but there’s always a chance the person passed away, which I think may have been the case for this one going off what I found. I’m actually dusting off and taking inventory now of everything. If people are interested I can post pictures of everything when I finish. I appreciate the advice and from all the feedback I’ve gotten it seems like they are worth at least looking into

  7. Auburn has a Master sommelier, in there new culinary arts school. His name is Thomas Price. I’m sure he can help ya…good luck 🍀

  8. Let’s say gp is not an issue. I want a setup where I can camp casually not sweaty

  9. If you plan on camping casually, you shouldn’t buy a fsoa. You’ll have more dps camping dual wields. You need to follow a strict rotation to get the most dps out of fsoa. I use p wand/imp orb with elite tect and cryptbloom helm/boots with defender for p4

  10. Looking at the last few reported trades 3a dyes have sold for 5.5-5.8b which is 220m-232m spirit shards.

  11. So everyone that bought with the old address just loses all of their money?

  12. There is a 4 year time skip and since the scouts saw the sea last season they are going to the enemy. We are seeing their perspective of the Eldians.

  13. I assumed the time jump, but didn’t know it was a 4 year jump. Thank you!! I recognize zeke and reiner, but who is the Eldian that was using crutches? Was that the titan that was carrying cargo and saved zeke in the S3 finale?

  14. I've been flipping storage units for a little over 10 years.

  15. Thanks a lot for the advice! I had to have a friend help me move everything into the uhaul today, and offered to pay him but fortunately he helped for free. If I continue to do units moving forward, I’ll have to find ones that I know I can handle myself. As far as renting for a discounted price, I thought technically you weren’t allowed to resell a unit, or have deal going on at them. I may be mistaken. I’m trying to convince myself that as long as a unit is profitable without the big stuff or huge amounts of clothing that it may be worth just dumping them at the landfill, especially taking big units on by myself. Have you ever dumped a whole unit’s furniture without regrets?

  16. Great tip. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile tonight, and I feel as if throwing away a few hundred dollars (tops) of furniture that take up half of my unit space that may sit for a month isn’t worth it. Getting rid of them allows me to get fresh inventory in. Especially if I can already tell the unit will be profitable. Have you ever bought a unit with an excessive amount of furniture, and just taken it to the dump?

  17. Is it better to incessantly refresh from your phone or a laptop?

  18. That card is sick, hope you can get one :)

  19. Someone tell me how my gold calls are looking tomorrow. Will I be able to retire lol

  20. Going all in vibranium $Vibe to hedge my 3/20 Microsoft calls. Everyone should do the same....

  21. Will monday be red or green? Holding over the weekend ...

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