1. Hold on, I'm a 46 YO incel, will die a virgin. Most incels are happy. Ignorance is bliss.

  2. You’d think that’d cause people to drive slower

  3. Enterprise Center, coca cola plant 1/2 mile West. This place was nice, had small businesses, a tattoo shop, was thriving. Suddenly closed down, and folks went in and stripped it for scrap. Then homeless moved in. Just amazing how fast it happened.

  4. Wow, his jail hair cut is better than mine, and got just the right amount of stubble too. And a bad boy. Ask the female guards, check their trunks (pun intended).

  5. Are you a Coast to Coast AM fan? They talk about that kind of stuff, but comes on at midnight here, 12-4 am.

  6. Caused by a flood. Interesting, considering that the forest is on high ground. Was there a few days ago, to get a Mica ring, didn't have one in my size.

  7. That will never pass in Mississippi, people in MS need to understand that it is a one party state and nothing will ever change, never. That it is Mississippi destiny.

  8. They changed the tax structure yesterday, eliminating state income taxes while raising sales tax. Lowered taxes on food. Bad for single people like me, don't eat much.

  9. Haha it definitely is. It feels like most of MS, AL, and LA has had constant interstate construction on going since the 90’s or early 00’s.

  10. Except I-20 between Edwards and Bovina, always been straight, flat, and fast. Nice road there.

  11. I grew about a mile or two off the Bovina exit. I-20 saw a lot on construction in the early 00’s as well back when I first started driving, but you aren’t wrong. For the most part that stretch of 20 has always been clear and well maintained.

  12. Went to Bovina Elementary, before the playground was put in a gully. Agree, remember that work being done a long time ago, and it's held up better than what they do now.

  13. Plant in picture 2 is sold as a supplement, causes infertility in men.

  14. I know a billionaire with businesses here on the coast. But that greedy fucker lives in Houston. Making money off the residents of this great state. A real POS!

  15. Exactly, hiding their wealth here because of lower taxes. Sort of like the folks who work in Jackson, but live in Madison and Rankin counties. Make it a requirement that we live where our incomes are earned. Not sure how that'd be inforced.

  16. The best thing we can do is forget their names. They're not heroes.

  17. Hack. Come up with the money, and pay hackers to change the outcome of the elections. Do this every time, wouldn't take many years or much money to make voting out the incumbent the norm.

  18. Consider Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The people are so friendly and the food is great, and everything's cheaper. One US dollar = 4 Malaysian ringgit. I'd say if you leave,why limit yourself to just the US?

  19. Classic rock format, only talk show is on Sunday morning, sort of a public service type thing. Z106 is different from every other radio station I've listened to, more powerful and clear. Remember Christian? They had some great hosts, almost as if they weren't afraid of the FCC. It's changed a little since becoming part of iHeartRadio, they've gone soft. Bring Christian back, he didn't give a f***.

  20. Owls are symbolic, secret societies use them as owls can turn their heads and see everything. All knowing. Oh, 45M, Jackson MS. Sorry for the late response, wish more people would leave a comment, just makes me feel sad to see no replies.

  21. Hill Country Community, up 39, is like a retirement community. Great place.

  22. Feel no pain, that was a good movie. Kinda felt like a recruitment for the CIA. I'd go through it just to learn how to do a J-turn.

  23. I'd like to see Bennie have his district, then divide the other 3 North, Central, and South. Do away with wierd districts that run diagonally from Meridian to Natchez.

  24. Jen, hmm. You wouldn't happen to live in Jackson county, and date Amber? Or maybe this IS Amber?

  25. TL;DR: Arguing that the best way to stop financial crime is to pay agencies meant to stop financial crime less doesn't make any sense.

  26. Wait a minute, you're Chad White. I read it, thanks for posting, hope that wasn't too offensive.

  27. Born and raised in Vicksburg. Always amazed that it's a big graveyard- the national park, green acres, and one of the largest city cemeteries, and it's getting even bigger.

  28. Several days, turned off of 80 into the park, and it was locked.

  29. Hi, I'm in the USA. First met Malaysians at college, we got along instantly. Never fit in with any of the other groups. I think we'd be great friends at least. KL is a big place, but do you know Jason Ong? Got his bachelor's and master's degrees here at ole miss, in computer science.

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