LPT - No more leaking after peeing!

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  1. This is like the old Steve Martin joke...'You can be a millionaire! First, get a million dollars.'

  2. Zinc from galvanized wire is harmful...just saying.

  3. He's had so muck Botox, he probably had no clue what was happening.

  4. I'd be terrified at that point when I'm unhooking from one safety line to the next.

  5. Could it pull off a Sully Sullenberger?

  6. This man could have actually died. Large birds like this tend to have huge dinosaur claws.

  7. I'm astonished. I had no idea they were Native American, even with the name.

  8. 30,000 tons of asbestos, is there a good way to deal with that?

  9. The vessel is 32,000 tons, not the asbestos. Still, it would be better if they tried to dispose of the asbestos in another manner.

  10. I think like most here, I have no problem with this nutball being detained and forcibly yanked out of his car. The officer in the beginning was VERY clear about what was going to happen.

  11. I agree. It wasn't necessary to add the dog in the equation.

  12. As someone who tends toward obsessive compulsive behavior, I approve.

  13. Holy cow! Can you imagine be that close? It happens so quickly that you would think it was just the Hand of God coming down to smite you.

  14. I don't see the wood burning set anywhere.

  15. I had some real trouble listening to the guy. Not because he's a murderous piece of shit, but just because of how dumb he sounded.

  16. If I had a nickel for each time he said 'like'...

  17. Very poor chart. Maybe use a gradation of one color instead?

  18. Thanks for straightening this out for me.

  19. Hey! She just got much better! Good for her! She just had to walk backwards backwards

  20. Like a Seinfeld character. There's the low talker, the close talker...here, the backwards walker.

  21. Our radio signals have only made it past our few closest neighbors. Aliens would have to be able to time travel to have heard our signals and shown up to say hi.

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