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  1. Teams playing in their home state are 0-2 (in games I'm watching)

  2. The Blue Jays aren't going to trade Kirk. If he was on the block it would be national baseball news. It's only being discussed in the St Louis market because of Brandon Kiley, who is 100% full of shit.

  3. I don't see Kirk as a long term catcher, so I'm not interested in trading for him at all.

  4. Reynolds seems like a stand up guy. This is probably not the first time he has said it, just the first time to the media.

  5. Damn that DeGrom deal will either be a tremendous value if he's healthy or a whopping bust if he's not. I would bet on him though so go Rangers!

  6. The AL West is getting more interesting by the day. Seattle got better today. The Rangers are certainly getting interesting. I guess the Astros are on the clock.

  7. I dunno if I'm ready to give up Gorman, Libby, + other stuff for Murphy quite yet

  8. I would rather have a starting catcher than a guy who can't play second base and a pitcher who hasn't shown the ability to get outs at the major league level.

  9. True, but if we can sign cheap he could be a good Defensive replacement if we decide to move some other outfielders. Also he was super good in 2021 playoffs

  10. His projected salary through arbitration was north of $18M. It depends on your definition of cheap, I guess.

  11. There's no salary cap in baseball, just an owners unwillingness to pay. I'm happy to sit on my couch and spend Billy J Dewitts money, and then complain when he doesn't.

  12. While there is not a hard cap, there are definite and substantial penalties to exceeding the competitive balance threshold. The Dodgers were way over the threshold last year and got their draft pick pushed back 10 spots (and also in 2021). The bonus pool decrease being the main deterrent. They are currently about $60M under the cap, but they also have to replace the Turners.

  13. It seems like Moreno is the least likely of the Blue Jays catchers to be traded. I think we line up much better in a trade with the Athletics.

  14. Who do the A’s have at third/first though? Surely he’d be an upgrade at either of those positions or DH.

  15. That too. Hit bat plays, but it would be a total waste to have him DH for the Cardinals. This is the rare instance where the player has more value to another team than their own.

  16. E-85 is down to $2 a gallon, only takes me $45 to fill my 24 gallon truck now. Fucking Biden’s fault

  17. With e85 it’s honestly minimal on my v6 flexfuel Silverado. I’d say the same city and maybe 15% less cruising on the highway. My dash says 18.5 combined with e85. I also have a topper and 500lbs in tools in the back

  18. That's pretty good! I don't have a Flex Fuel vehicle, but I was under the impression it was around 30% less. Good to know.

  19. You can use showzone to tell you how far you are from Mantle.

  20. I’m in the same boat. 100% offline - daily player since launch day. No chance in hell at Mantle

  21. I got Mantle on Tuesday as an offline only player. Definitely possible

  22. I don't think it is worth it unless you have a screen capable of VRR. I play better on my PS5 than my XSX, but YMMV.

  23. As a casual observer, I don't think that beauty school results in less makeup use.

  24. That bunny is NOT wild. Only albino bunnies are white in the wild unless it's a temporary winter white camouflage coat.

  25. It is almost certainly someone's pet that was out for a munch.

  26. Did you get a September rewards pack after the game? The mission doesn't show up in the post game screen if you hit the 2k PXP. Also, it won't show up if the program is completed.

  27. Me sitting in my car in the costco parking lot sucking down a slice of pepperoni pizza like the disgusting animal I am

  28. My 7 year old asks me randomly to take him to Costco for a hot dog. He eats the whole damn thing.. I'm a little proud.

  29. Bill DeWitt made two hundred million off of the Cardinals today, which we can all think about the next time someone on

  30. Each owner made $200M for the entire sale. DeWitt made $30M today.

  31. Winker and Gorman are basically the same player except one makes 20x more money.

  32. Winker had a down year no doubt, but he also plays OF and put up a .888 OPS/129 OPS+ in the five years prior to last season. And he's only making like ~$7.5M which barely more than what Dickerson made

  33. OAA was 3rd percentile last year and 6th percentile the previous year. He should not play the outfield.

  34. The first one or the second one? Cause the 2nd one definitely should produce some home runs

  35. It's probably a max elevation stadium so all the garbage flies out.

  36. Don't know if you can trust it, but the distance said 390 and it was a no doubter. Definitely max elevation, short fences home run.

  37. It is funny how childhood remembrances can be so wrong. I think if Jimmy Rollins as MVP Rollins rather than 3 time All-Star Rollins.

  38. He has little to no command and has a tendency to give up home runs.

  39. well besides the pesky fact he’s appeared in more than 15 games in a season just once time since he broke into the league in 2016. (he played in 69 in 2021 before shutting it down and being injured through 2022). and that’s paired with 7 starts total.

  40. I will say that I do have PTSD because a friend of mine who is a Marlins fan asked me for a short review of Alcantara, I said "big arm; no idea where it is going".

  41. I've been playing since the game came out. I need the last two cards in the Finest Program and I am done. The next program will make it easier. I'd focus on flipping for stubs. I have 2875/3144 cards in the game. You can use showzone to see how many stubs/cards short you are.

  42. Write the author, they are extremely likely to be delighted to send you a copy.

  43. I've contacted many researchers and have never been turned down in 100 correspondences. I've had several people offer to send me other articles that either they cited or newer work that was expanded on by others.

  44. In the first 21 months of launch, the PS5 had sold about 3 million units less than the ps4 did in its first 21 months. I know that’s not totally insignificant (it’s about 12.5% of a difference), but it’s not the huge deal people seem to think it is.

  45. Definitely. I've played both and had an absolute blast.

  46. To be fair, I haven't played Elden Ring. I didn't enjoy Dark Souls, but I hear a lot of people enjoy it.

  47. it wasnt that the Pirates werent bad enough, it was the reds being even worse

  48. It helps when you are like 25 games under .500 on May 1st. The Reds weren't that terrible after that first month.

  49. That's first base coach Stubby Clapp, I'll have you know.

  50. I used the stock cooler, but otherwise, I built the same computer.

  51. Offline BR would be awesome. I'll suggest some tweaks though. Games 1-4 on All Star, games 5-8 on Hall of Fame, games 9-12 on Legend. If you lose, you drop down 1 difficulty for four more games and then climb again. Stamina works like Miniseasons. 10k buy in.

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