1. Brainwashing is really hard to reverse. We haven’t been to church in six years and had our records removed but sometimes my husband will defend the church and I have to remind him of all the bad because it’s easy to block out the bad. I remind him of that poster that says everything we need to know we learned in Kindergarten. It takes time to get out of a cult. It’s not easy. Just don’t get sucked back in. And read your spouse the Kindergarten poster :)

  2. Thank you so much for posting all this. Is so incredibly helpful and I appreciate it so much as having been diagnosed yesterday and trying to learn. ❤️

  3. If garments actually were a sacred design given by a god that created women, then they would work for women.

  4. Yes! Mine were extremely uncomfortable and bulky in the wrong places and bunched up under my bra. I hated them so much. So wonderful not to have to wear those stupid things.

  5. 30 years ago we wore the bike short garment ‘bottoms’ as ‘underwear’ by itself and then our bra over the garment top. At least that is what I was told to do back then :)

  6. Dammit, the temple was the ONE PLACE where women WEREN'T mean to me as a tbm! This is heart-breaking.

  7. Yes I only went a couple times and thought the same as you that this should be the one place where anyone could at least feel less stress and feel relaxed and happy…but a spa day is sooo much better and the people are nicer!

  8. Spa days are AMAZING... and they don't really care if you doze a little... or gab with your friends.

  9. Thank you so much. Question is if the continuous proliferation of nk cells in a person, regardless of cancer, can cause fatigue because of the secretion of cytokines. Proliferation meaning 1000/uL when norm is 24-400/uL.

  10. Thank you very very much! That is also what I think …with or without cytokines. I appreciate your response very much.

  11. The CES letter is what helped my husband who was raised in TSCC and his dad was mission and temple pres. The CES letter was what he needed because his family kept saying doubt your doubts and there’s just no way to doubt the facts after reading the CES etc. It takes time and if you kindly show them the CES and other actual evidence and they still refuse to see reason, it we still plant a little seed in their heads for later. Just do it all with kindness and a ‘hey, did you guys know?’ this kind of way.

  12. Ahhhh I see, you’re a homophobe. Well you should know that times they are a changing. If you want to be mean to people that’s your choice. But again, being gay is not a choice. I’m not gay but I support them and will not stay silent about their rights and their right to equality.

  13. Forcing and harassing people to accept your viewpoint will only get them to pretend to agree with you. If you want to change hearts and minds, be the tolerance you expect from others.

  14. I’m very glad to see you removed your hateful post 🏳️‍🌈❤️ that is a great first step towards kindness.

  15. You just really have to tell them not to come over again or they will keep coming over. You can do it kindly but you have to say it to them or they will not stop. They are Like the terminator. Or get in touch with the mission President and ask them to please take you off their route. They will stop if you ask. ❤️ congrats on your new little one!

  16. You can check out, but you can never leave 🎶

  17. ‘Along with being a mother….’ Since that’s all you ever thought we were really good for 🤮

  18. You were brainwashed like all of us. It just takes time to process everything. It’s traumatic and your feelings are totally normal. We are embarrassed that we were members and dread new friends ever knowing but it’s hard as soon as anyone asks you where you went to college or where your son was born. I admit I lied and would say my son was born in Texas because we did move there when he was a few months old. I’ve forgiven myself for that little lie ha ha…I seriously didn’t want anyone to know we were ever associated with TSCC. You’re obviously a good person just for wondering. Don’t be hard on yourself the hardest part is over and you can have a guilt free life. TSCC wants you to feel anything but happiness so don’t let them win. :)

  19. I didn’t think my husband would leave either. It took almost six years but the CES etc were the last straw. His parents kept saying ‘doubt your doubts’ like a broken record but the CES and historical inaccuracies did it for him…not to mention TSCC discriminates against anyone who isn’t a straight white man.

  20. Oppression of women, exclusion of minorities and then inclusion when pressured by society, CES letter et al …and my favorite is when they say they ‘support 🏳️‍🌈 because we are all sinners.’ That did it for me and my husband who is an RM, with a BA and a CPA from BYU and his dad was mission President and temple president.🤮

  21. yeah i’d like to avoid that seeing as my dad is the stake president😂😂

  22. Yes, if you don’t want the local bishopric involved then go through quit Mormon. Chase bank is the bank we used for the notary. The notary there was so intrigued by our story and was thrilled to help us get out.

  23. If you can’t find your membership number you can still get your records removed with all the other information. I did not have my membership number because I also threw my temple recommend card out :)

  24. We would never ever go back or go to any church. We are charitable anonymously on our own and are nice people on our own. We believe that if there’s a god up there he thinks we are cool! If he exists he thinks you are cool, too!

  25. My mom did ‘Santa’ just for fun until I was in my 20s! Once I had kids she did it for them until she passed. She wrote a cute note in block letters, so we wouldn’t ‘recognize’ her handwriting, and set unwrapped ‘special gifts’ underneath our stockings. We always knew it was her and she knew we knew it was her but it was always exciting to see what ‘Santa’ got us. We would say, ‘Thanks Mom!’ And she’d say, ‘it’s from Santa!’ Every year. My kids did not believe in Santa once they started Kindergarten because of other older kids at school spilling the beans. I told my kids it’s just something fun at Christmas. So you can still have ‘Santa’ even though nobody believes he’s real because it’s just fun! From ages zero to five it wasn’t something I necessarily made a big deal about to my kids, It was just during December, oh look it’s Santa at the mall or on tv. In our family Santa was just my mom being nice and having fun :) So have fun with it! My daughter always thought elf on the shelf was so creepy when it first came out, so I lucked out on that one and never had to do it! Phwew!

  26. Those are some guilt-ridden people. Just have great sex and lie to the bishop and stake President. They lie to you all the time

  27. He did say that he personally excommunicated some people for this and implied there were other bishops he knew who had done the same (sounded like the punishment was already decided higher up the chain).

  28. That’s just so sad and wrong they put those kids through that. So extreme for just being normal college kids doing normal college kids things.

  29. I hope you will be ok! I had Moderna in January and the only side effects were my arm hurt a bit and I felt like I had a tiny cold for a couple days but def better than getting Covid and dying! Try to rest a lot! :)

  30. We submitted ours in April and have not heard back yet, but my husband checked TSCC website and his member number didn’t work so we think it’s been processed. Try using your member number on their site every couple weeks to check if you haven’t heard anything in a while. :) they’re really backlogged processing requests which is actually a great thing!

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