1. I'm guessing the Gräfenberg spot, commonly knows as the G-spot.

  2. There are meds for prostate that affect the amount of cum, can be very little or even zero, but not always. Struggle or inability to get or stay hard is often present as well.

  3. Your Google search is a bit of a facepalm, too.

  4. Just a typo. Don't worry about it.

  5. I love the NB 1080 but I actually prefer V11 to V12. It's still early days for V12 so I think they will break in nicely. Hoka Clifton is always a reliable workhorse, but I found Saucony Triumph does a better job so I haven't used Clifton for a few years (since Clifton 5). I'm not familiar with Saucony Ride.

  6. The ride is the 880 to the triumphs equivalent of the 1080 of that makes sense.

  7. It does, actually. Also, regarding the durability, I have 800 miles on Triumph 18 and still going strong. No other shoe managed to come even close.

  8. A red flag or two usually suffice. Waving so many at once is a huge overkill.

  9. Some day they will realise it's much more sanitary to use a stick. Saves you having to wash a knife covered in shite

  10. Agreed. You did indeed fuck up.

  11. Were you right not to ask? I don't know. If you want to find out, asking seems like your best bet. I would ask if I wanted to know.

  12. It's gonna stink of burnt oil for a while.

  13. Fuck. I know I shouldn't have but I laughed.

  14. Heartwarming to see so many parents are experts in pornography.

  15. Rofl, na enakovrednih cestah brez znakov ona definitivno nima prednosti pred motoristom. Kdo je tebi dal izpit?

  16. So do you do daddy issues or do you watch them?

  17. It says "good chat" but somehow I've managed to read "good shaft". Wonder why?

  18. Precej si pozabil. Na športne ure tudi. Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Coros...

  19. This has great potential to go down badly.

  20. Unless the first digit is also a zero...

  21. Enkrat sem bila s kolegico na dresurni tekmi v Lipici in sva poslusali italjanko na telefonu. Razločili sva samo : "Lipica, Jugoslavia."

  22. Saj enkrat je bilo to dejansko res.

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