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  1. Looks perfect to me. Shaping comes with practice. But from what I can tell, only small adjustments are needed to make a perfect loaf! Even still, most would call these perfect. Keep it up!

  2. I think the sanitary conditions are more of an issue to look into over SoCal climate. The temp stays relatively the same throughout the seasons in my experience, granted, I live in the Bay Area. The only time I really need to make a change is in the summer and winter months. And that change is only in the brew times. That can be mitigated with a heat mat, or some insulation.

  3. Crooked River, eh? That's a model I'm not familiar with. Did you swap out the clip, or is that the stock one?

  4. Yessir! It’s the only bench made I have. Don’t really feel a need to collect others. The clip came standard, I did however change up the scales to some brass ones.

  5. Oh man, If you are into the repo stuff, TCB is worth looking into. TBH, I wouldn't really bother going to Kojima. When you hear about "Jeans street" and see pictures, you are probably picturing something on an order of maginitude larger than it really is. Kojim itself is pretty small and rural. You take the bus, get off at the roundabout and walk like half a block. Most of the shops could be closed (or at least they were every time I have been).

  6. Ill make sure to add them to the list! Based on your description, they sound like what I'd be interested in. I hear you with Kojima street. From what I've seen in pictures, it doesn't look too special. And good to know they might be closed even if I tried, lol. Still, I'll try to include it if I'm near by at all during my trip. If only for the clout. Hoping to also finally drop some $$ on some boots and a leather jacket. Here's hopin' I manage to save up enough 😅

  7. Non fading denim usually fades no matter what. It’s just the nature of dyes. That being said, Levi’s is hit or miss, mostly miss these days. Even their MiUSA line is shotty in terms of sizing and construction. If you’re looking for some thicker denim, I’d suggest asking the folks over at

  8. What insole did you use? I love my RDT Stan boots, I sized one down but unfortunately they're still a half size too big (better than a half size too small I guess)

  9. I went with a leather insole from Hender Scheme. Not the most comfortable to start. But I had to add an insole to account for a plantar issue I have. Don’t recall the brand name though.

  10. I love the proportions of all of their boots. They always look perfect to me.

  11. Same, especially once they crease and mold to the wearer.

  12. “The smallest of acts is better than the greatest of intentions.”

  13. This one really got me man. Thanks for sharing. I've been kicking myself my whole life for not doing, and always wanting to. Healing some trauma these days, and going through a sort of transformation. So this quote will help remember to act on the small things.

  14. Meanwhile Criston has found the fountain of Youth

  15. More like Daemon. Mans hasn’t aged a day since ep 1.

  16. Most of these are higher end, but I’ve beat them to hell and are still going very strong.

  17. Boiling wash should fix that 😅 Congrats on the weight loss!

  18. I’m assuming the bulk ferment has gone passed where it needs to either in terms of time or temperature. When my doughs over proof during bulk ferment, they are a lot harder to work with. The dough becomes very sticky and almost melts in your hands. This usually happens to me only in the summer, or if I try to speed things up by putting the dough in a warmer spot. Say near the stove top while the oven or burner is on. So I’d try either cutting your bulk ferment time or keeping it in a cooler spot while it bulks.

  19. Different than the other suggestions. And May be a bit hard to find some, but there are some European retailers that carry them. But check out certain styles the following offer:

  20. I understand the pain for the family, but Dahmer is absolutely not sympathetic in this. It truly highlights his evil. Everyone blamed a bad childhood, but you see it wasn't horrific either. What it does do is give faces and personalities to his victims, which is long overdue.

  21. This is what I tell everyone. If anything it is important to see, because shows the incompetence of the police force, and it’s anti POC and homophobic tendencies which led to the deaths of many. And this shit still happens today.

  22. You can probably protect your children without traumatizing them. Hell, I'd say that is the only protection they need at this point.

  23. This is a huge issue I see more and more often. Situational knowledge is something we all need a lesson in. Its not about minding your own business. Its about realizing everyone is going through a vast array of situations, both internally and externally. Nothing is black and white.

  24. you mean the moss? I thought it was regular sphagnum.. And the tiny seedlings in the background are bald cypresses I collected nearby.

  25. Haha no, I mean the red branches and leaves shooting up top. Matches the character “Alfalfa” from the little rascals movie.

  26. These types of charts and explanations make bread baking as fun as doing my taxes.

  27. No one’s forcing you to use it. The big takeaway is people learn differently. Some may find this chart helpful, others not so much. But even it if helps one or two people, that’s fine. Part of this sub is to have information for anyone to use. There’s a ton of recipes and methods, no one method is the correct way, just as this chart is not the end all be all.

  28. I find charts and explanations like these a bit daunting. But it is important for newcomers. At the end of the day, experience is the best teacher. Eventually, making a starter and baking is close to second nature. And any issues or challenges that come up, can be dealt with easily due t past successes and failures. So I think that's why some are criticizing this chart. Seems overly complicated, and maybe it is for newbies, but its a good fall back if you start having issues or need some reassurance.

  29. Took way too long to see a Kendrick song on here. But his music is very introspective, and at times, tough to listen to due to subject matter. So I get it.

  30. Also all of his albums flow from song to song, with overarching themes and callbacks, so it’s hard to pick out one particular highlight.

  31. Yes! Great point. I can probably only pick a handful of songs in his discography that work outside the context of his albums as they do in them. And even then, they are infinitely better inside the context of the album.

  32. As someone who buys clothing for longevity as much as style, the wider thigh & leg and higher rise will be my permanent cut. Compared to a slimmer cut, they last me 3-4x longer. No crotch blowouts or wearing out in the normal friction areas. Trends can come and go, I honestly don't care anymore. So I guess I'm now turning my wardrobe into solely reproduction styles from the 40's-70's-ish.

  33. Ehh straight tapered is honestly the greatest thing to ever happen in fashion. Allowing room in the waist and thigh, but tapering below the knee so that the hem isnt as big, but i come from a utilitarian viewpoint. Boot cut/straight all the way down is and always imho was dumb. the hem of the pants get fucked so quick, and now with the slight taper my jeans always look nice, despite being put through the wringer. I can easily put them in my cowboy boots if i need or tuck them into my tall boots if its really wet. I like to get dirty and look clean at the same time. The "Oh wow you are so dressed up look.." Despite my clothes being the clothes i just used out on the farm, or for construction reno. Dust that shit off and go... wash when needed.

  34. Totally agree on this. Most also say Im too "dressed up" for a situation. Little do they know I wear the same 5 outfits with little to no washing, lol. But, I think my idea of a larger leg opening would be anything over 9". Which to some may be huge, for others is still tapered. I'm only now getting into larger openings due to wearing taller boots. So most of it is also coming from a utilitarian view. Plus it just looks more appealing for my silhouette. Which is also a point I make in terms of trends. I think most need to wear what is comfortable and practical. But it also should flatter their body type if the wearer is concerned with aesthetics. So crazy baggy pants and oversized tops on a skinny lanky person, looks awful IMO, and vice versa for a large person. I guess what I'm saying is, don't follow trends, follow body type and practicality.

  35. Totally normal to get blue garlic during fermentation.

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