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  1. Huh? Why would you need these? I had to look them up because I'd never heard of them and this is some grade-A-California-shit-winter driver stuff. If you have all seasons just don't drive like a twat and you'll be fine in a Subaru in any conditions including ice or unplowed snow. If you have winter snows, even better.

  2. Traction socks are 110% a California thing 😭

  3. it clears your mind , gets you away from everything. distracts you. Do what makes you feel joy

  4. tell ur husband to grow a pair and tell his mom that her stay was up 4 days ago

  5. change gear ratios and neutral drop from start , try lightening up the car

  6. y’all will literally post a normal gym-goer who’s been hitting weights for about 6 months and ask if they’re natty or not 😭 like the fuck

  7. something I forget to put on the cable tubing after I wired everything up

  8. jumped using a speed bump as a ramp, came down to land, had my body over the back tire to avoid nolse diving , sack and checks in between tire, seat and frame at abt 20mph, not fun

  9. the second you turn 15, your balls drop, more hair, shlong extends to atleast 6 inches, height grows abt 4 inches, and your voice gets deep than your moms vagina.

  10. think you’ll get hurt, you will. Think you won’t get hurt, you won’t

  11. with everyone else, i mean 9 other answers, i already found my answer and yours is invalid. you seem like a troll account looking at your other replies, and you could’ve at least given an explanation.

  12. People are weird, people ask weird questions on the internet , the internet is weird

  13. absolutely not that shits gonna snap on the first 3ft drop

  14. maybe it’s a women’s bike ? feet only touch the front wheel for me on women’s bikes

  15. water , tooth brush and pipe cleaners

  16. why the fuck is there a camera in your room ? Put that shit in the hallway aimed at your door if your parents are that worried tf

  17. I like using the camera option right after that one so when I wait for lights I know when to rev instead of revving for 8 minutes while the other guy lines up

  18. “ has Reddit seen this already ? “

  19. don’t. Fuck. The . Peanut butter . Jar .

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