1. It is 100% viable for those who go all in and strategically outwork their competition.

  2. Feeling this, for sure. Before piling on with my 'i hate FB' rant, want to make sure you are using their dynamic creative optimization...

  3. I'm in Canada. but US is my top country followed by CA/UK/NZ than many others... I've literally tried everything ad structure / adset / campaign structure wise. My ads are getting above average like they always do and amazing CTRs like usual. Have tried new pixels, optimizing for custom conversions, optimizing for IC/ATC, LAAs, interets, Broad wide open targeting.

  4. Yo, I've received at least 6 messages like this in the last year or less:

  5. Not a good long term approach, seen bunch of these youtubers sell out themselves early and often and their youtube careers just dry tf up

  6. growing email list is the key to bridging the gap and making a long-term business out of it

  7. Your site is too new. The focus should be on publishing 200 of these 'Very high detailed 2000 niche article' type posts...

  8. 1 month is not enough time to come to any conclusions. Keep writing content/building links for another 4-5 months and then look at your stats.

  9. This right here. You are in a sprint to 100 of the best posts you can publish…

  10. I still do a ton of retargeting. If you don't have large volumes of traffic you will run that frequency number up way too quickly though.

  11. paid traffic is wonderful for testing… You don't want to just send the traffic directly to the affiliate offer but instead you want to drive people to your own landing page that you create.

  12. Way to go taking action... KWF is still my go to tool.

  13. Yep. It's almost as if Facebook knows what to do and majority of the time, people just limit Facebook from doing the heavy lifting ;)

  14. Ya, and as you pile on the interests, they charge you more...

  15. I'm testing everyone who speaks english and is over 18...

  16. Agree. Risky to try and automate this all without a thinking and intelligent human to improve/analyze the output.

  17. Can’t believe I’m seeing you on here Miles. I just recommend someone learning from your YouTube videos. Love everything you do brother. Much love!!!

  18. I appreciate that. Try to pop in here from time to time and encourage folks on the path...

  19. If the 3%-5% is really bothersome, here's the option:

  20. I've received about 1300 total clicks, and its been about 150 clicks since my last sale

  21. What is the product's overall conversion rate with all 1300 clicks?

  22. It was at about 2.5% to 3% but I restructured my campaign and it's doing good again, now I'm at a 5% conversion rate

  23. My honest take is that these fluctuations are due to the small datasets.

  24. Try to build three blogs at the same time is at least five times more difficult.

  25. I had a decent budget when I started my first affiliate site as well, but I decided it'd be better to put in the time/effort instead of the money from the get-go. I only used 1k for basic things like design, hosting, tools/services etc.

  26. My first 100% outsourced site cost me about $66k over the course of 2 years to produce more than 150 detailed, pro-written posts.

  27. Do you think if I post extremely helpful and quality articles, I would rake in success, growth, financial success in about 6 months to 1 year?

  28. miles, doesn't the time it takes to start making good income heavily depend on the niche you chose?

  29. Honestly, I just took a look at your videos to count the # of videos and how long you've been publishing...

  30. This is such a gross oversimplification, it's just sad... Smells like a crappy spam-sandwich.

  31. Generally writers are going to want to be paid per word....

  32. We run many ad sets that never reach the 50 required to get out of learning and they still pull in a great ROAS...

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