1. 15 million and now just on cruise control, stopped farming and growing pumpkins unless it’s raining.

  2. At least the bones come back now to dig up

  3. This! I forgot all about them because they never came back after the last update. With the current update I was angry because one was blocking a rock I wanted to mine, and I couldn’t move it with furniture options. Then it dawned on me you can hit them with the shovel. I come back daily now to hoard. And the ice/snow has returned also!

  4. Just came across this myself on XSX - pretty bad was hoping it wasn’t a graphics hardware issue. But looks like perhaps game issue.

  5. They are entirely different genre games, so not sure there is a reasonable expectation they can/should be compared?

  6. I play on SeriesX and PC. By far the PC is much more smooth, more responsive and far less lag. Harvesting is an absolutely awful experience on Series X. There are at times pauses of 2-3 seconds when rapid harvesting that it seems like it’s trying to compute where to move next.

  7. Damn homie did you look over it with a magnifier? I so would have missed that squirrel 😂❤️ there’s also little footsteps by the squirrel too!

  8. New Squirrel available from 3:26AM - 4:08AM - needs fed 25 red algae

  9. Dylon dylon and dylon. I spit hot fiya.

  10. Arabians Tonka last for days. 1 spray and 3 days later my closet still smells like it.

  11. I just pick everything up and stick it in chests, trying to find dark wood took 10 years off my eyesight so now I don’t bother straining too much 😂

  12. Dark wood is THE WORST I actually thought to myself - how the hell do vision impaired people play this? I have terrible nearsightedness but at least I can tell colors apart. BUT those purple and black shades are impossible to discern.

  13. Hold up!! You're telling me that you can move trees between biomes? This organization of orchards makes it so much more functional.

  14. Sometimes I think he’s wood piles but then i remember, it’s just Woody!

  15. I've tried to water woody in the past thinking he was a dried plant in a field.

  16. As I sit here every day, feeding every Fox, and don’t own a Fox.

  17. It’s me!! Gave them all the fishes and then phished with goofy for days to get extra sturgeon and still no foxes. :(

  18. Armaf ventana, probably one of the worst clones of dior sauvage out there. Glad I sold it off.

  19. Man I went in with zero expectations on this one and I was happily surprised for the money. It’s a dumb cheap grab for whenever you just need a spritz of something to freshen up.

  20. I’ve been doing this, problem I have is that there is hardly enough time to grab all the pumpkins before they turn into permanent fixtures and you have to pick up 1 by 1. This is with only about 300 pumpkins.

  21. Black?? They keep calling these black, and all I see is Purple? Am I mad?

  22. Probably depends on your screen, tbh. On my phone it’s more dark purple, but on my pc is black… and less black.

  23. Yea phone def purple but on TV with series x also purple. Could just be poor blacks/backlighting

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