1. I've had these conversations before, it's interesting to see other guys' reaction as they usually blush

  2. I've commented a few times. A guy at work looks like he's got an absolute monster, I think I apologised for staring.

  3. Things relating to being used or knocked up usually get my heart racing. I don't talk dirty a lot but when I do it's usually about making him feel like he's a sexual tyrannosaurus, in a good way! And without using the actual term 'sexual tyrannosaurus' lol

  4. People who don't return their shopping trolley

  5. Vomiting! You can't go "bllleeeeurgh" while throwing up. I think I've only ever heard it done properly once in a film, you know it sounds realistic when it turns your stomach.

  6. Whatever I can to make sure I never have to work ever again. Probably leave the UK.

  7. Assuming you mean in general rather than visually, I can imagine that sticking a sensitive, hard sex organ in a wet, warm squidgy hole feels pretty good.

  8. We share the planet with an advanced, non-human intelligence.

  9. Peacemaker, enjoyed it way more than I thought I would.

  10. Grace Jones - Slave To The Rhythm (hot blooded version)

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