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  1. You should name him Nimbus! He's gray and puffy like a rain cloud ☁️

  2. People will always rationalize it as the ones they're harassing being "one of the bad ones" or lying about their identity.

  3. As one of the vulnerable mlms these people love harping on about: I do not care and I've never spoken to a gay man outside of very niche and insulated Twitter circles who cares either. At most they might just think it's a little weird. So much of the anti-fujoshi nonsense is also just straight-up misogyny, but they won't hear anything of that!

  4. Also transphobia! Heaven help you if you happen to be transmasc and enjoy bl/mlm comics, they say you're just a girl who wants to be a gay man.

  5. Oh yes, I'm also trans so I know that all too well unfortunately. :(

  6. I felt the same way, but then I made my goth mechanist and I fell in love with her and asuras lol.

  7. The point is that it shouldn't be up to the customer or client to ensure that someone else's employee gets paid. Some of these people make more money than I do and are still asking for tips. I know it really sucks but be angry at your employer, the government, capitalism - don't shift the blame onto customers.

  8. Exactly. Unsubscribing is not hard. You’re not forced to be here.

  9. Agreed. These posts are almost as annoying and ubiquitous as the 'what breed is my cat' posts lol

  10. This is a different kind of feedback but I've thought about it a couple times when asking for help: would you be able to make it so videos are allowed alongside images? I've taken videos of pests and such before and wanted to upload them here, but couldn't without my post getting removed.

  11. they are right to criticise OP bc it trivialises a serious desease, while ppl with psychological problems can already have a hard time to be taken seriously. We need awareness not jokes.

  12. I have bipolar II with severe depressive episodes and I think you really need to lighten up. This frog does indeed cure my depression

  13. Yeah. As a bipolar person I'm tired of people trying to excuse it with 'oh he's just manic, it's so sad'. Mania doesn't make you a raging antisemite.

  14. Most queer people are poly? Seems to me your old therapist has some weird views about queer people...

  15. There are a lot of poly queer people, speaking from experience. If not that, then a lot of gay guys at least want an open relationship eventually. Or maybe I've just had really bad luck...

  16. Fungus gnats are too small. They won't eat them. For that besides sticky traps I have a sundew which is always full of gnats.

  17. I have a couple of butterworts for these, and they're amazing.

  18. He is exceedingly sassy and a wicked cry baby. Man can get away with anything he's so stinkin cute

  19. Yes my ginger girl is one hell of a cry baby manipulator! She has a different cry for everything. Good thing in my experience all orange cats love to cuddle so it all makes up for it.

  20. and it works...sounds like other servers should copy, no?

  21. They're mostly so successful because when you're vs. Mag everyone just switches to another game mode/waits until off-hours. It's not fun.

  22. I think something I hate about society as of late is the trend of trying to pigeonhole people and their habits based on one instance of their behavior with no other context clues or forethought on the situation. Everyone's a psychiatrist and instead of asking questions and participating in a real conversation about the person and trying to come to real conclusions there's a tendency to throw a conclusion at them based on our previous experiences; which when dealing with something as nebulously complex as people - and dare I say in today's society where everyone is in a rush to absolve themselves of perceived wrongdoing and keep themselves out of scrutiny - even our own one-sided and unreliable perceptions of others which would very much effect the aforementioned previous experiences. Everyone's quick to throw labels with no idea what things could justifiably apply to them and with no forethought on why that could make them an unreliable judge of character.

  23. As someone with severe, chronic mental illness I get so frustrated scrolling through TikTok and seeing your friendly neighbourhood Gut Health Expert saying 'Like waffles? Then you might just have been neglected as a child! Come see how drinking my snake oil will help you with your trauma!' And the comments are full of people just eating it up.

  24. What a weird assumption to make about everyone that buys keys. Like, I just bought 50 and last I checked, I play a number of other games and don't feel "starved for anything".

  25. People concern themselves way too much with what other people do with their own money lol

  26. Anyone notice that it says the 'regular' price is 5 for 625 and 25 for 3125, when the actual regular prices are 5 for 450 and 25 for 2100, making the discount look better than it actually is? What's up with that? I don't remember them doing this in the past, but maybe I just wasn't paying attention.

  27. After killing ample calatheas this too is the variety I've managed to keep alive and happy. I don't know how...

  28. I'm into fandom and will share NSFW art with my nerdy online friends but I'm not sure that's quite the same thing.

  29. Pedophilia requires intent. You can't be 'accidentally' a pedophile.

  30. Dude. You can't be a pedophile if you are told someone is an adult and are attracted to them. Pedophiles are attracted to children because they know they are children. After learning this person was not an adult they were horrified and no longer attracted to them. That is not pedophilia and calling it such just waters down the meaning of the word.

  31. Warning: the comments are so dumb that the stupidity might be infectious

  32. This genuinely made me so angry. I knew Reddit hated women but holy shit.

  33. You do know that America isn't the only place on earth, right?

  34. If you think people in Japan are having kids I got news for you.

  35. I'm a single adult making less than $24k a year, can't be on AISH despite limited capacity to work, so fuck me I guess lol

  36. Man, I love Baldur Gate 3, Finished all Quest in Early release. Just waiting for the official launch.

  37. I decided not to play too much so as not to burn out on it before it fully released, but I'm so impatient. I loved both the original Baldurs Gate and Divinity 2 is one of my fav games of all time. I can't wait.

  38. I love Thai Valley Grill. We stopped eating out during Covid yet even after a year and a half, when my mom called and placed an order they recognized us lol. Really good food and nice people.

  39. We do this as well! Bread is a huge cat magnet in our house, no matter what form. Tortillas, naan, loaf of bread, all have to be hidden otherwise they end up with chunks missing.

  40. I also have a bread thief!! Well, all three of them will do it, but one in particular will chow down on any kind of bread you leave around. And she can't just eat one, oh no, she has to get her little teeth marks one very single one even if she only eats a bit of it...

  41. My mom had a cat who liked to steal vegetables.

  42. When my cat was younger I would have to monitor my veggies closely because if I stepped away for even one second, she'd steal one and bat it around like a toy lol.

  43. after reading OP’s replies to people i just hope, WISH EVEN, that his wife finds this post so she can read through and get as disgusted at how stupid and gross this man is. freak behavior honestly, go to therapy man. you don’t deserve her or your child.

  44. It actually infuriates me that he added 'I haven't told my wife any of this because I'm scared she'll just get mad and leave me'. Like he knows what he's doing is so wrong that he's scared to tell her. Disgusting. She deserves to know what kind of weasel she married and I really really hope she learns sooner rather than later

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