1. USB C Hub would be a must. I’d skip getting a keyboard and allocate the budget to a great mouse instead (pick would be a Logitech MX Master 3S, though if strapped for budget 2S is okay too).

  2. Thanks! I'm looking for a good USB C Hub too! I bought one recently from the mall and have to return it unfortunately because it sucks despite the price and brand. I'll check out that mouse too

  3. For USB C Hub, I’ve tried Ugreen from Shopee. Very good quality. 10in1 for 2k. You can go for Aukey or Anker but they’re around double the price for less ports.

  4. Game8 tier list is a joke, no offense. I just looked their most recent Genshin tier list and still is bad. I remember back in 1.0 when their list list put Bennett as C tier support/sub-DPS and Qiqi as SS tier DPS/support.

  5. To be fair, during the game's launch Bennett wasn't really in anyone's wish list and Qiqi got value because healing was limited then. Qiqi was also one of the only supports that could support the then-crowd favorite Razor.

  6. I’d personally go for a second hand Sony WH-1000XM3 given your budget. No other headphones come close at that price range.

  7. With current gpu prices should be possible at 750-1000 now. Albeit you’re not just getting a gaming machine but…a computer which can do other things.

  8. just genuinely curious what type of job pays you 60k? I mean in what field are you po? Sorry im fresh pa lang grad kasi.

  9. For 60k-80k, there are a lot of jobs out there you just have to know where to look and dapat masipag ka sa paghahanap.

  10. you can earn 60k-80k as a fresh grad po ba? i thought thats the pay na for senior positions. and im guessing this is in the IT field?

  11. As a fresh grad it will definitely be tougher to land in that pay range but easiest ticket is getting into FMCG tho competition is fierce and trust me that’s not over exaggerated at all.

  12. Now u should look at Dwight Howard stats ;)

  13. Got this beautiful watch around 5 years ago. No regrets and it hasn’t aged a day since! Just replaced the stock metal strap with this dark brown leather one.

  14. 3080 + 5600x here. I get microstutters at original settings with maxed out everything else on 1440p.

  15. maaaan i want heizou so bad 😭 i keep getting thoma cons to the point i'm at like, c10. pretty sure i'll lose 50/50 or get c1 kazuha before i get a single heizou

  16. A few more days to go in his banner don’t give up! I got a C6 Heizou before I got my Kazuha C1!

  17. I only have fischl lvled a bit (lvl 60) and is my only electro enabler and Barbara as my only hydro enabler. This is tuff lol

  18. Really got lucky getting kokomi on accident her first run.. was really disappointed when I got her but she aged quite well and has been a staple in my teams dare I say as much as kazuha

  19. Showing a fun way of clearing the level. Raiden didn't burst at all and was just used for her E swirls for Heizou stacks.

  20. Pretty nice! Do you prefer having 15 more CDMG or 58 more EM?

  21. Since it's a DPS build with a 4pc VV user already in party - will have to take the CDMG

  22. Thanks! Would you prefer 58 EM if he’s the Anemo VV dps in the team?

  23. Likely if heizou himself can deal significant damage on his own even with the +58 EM

  24. C3’d my Raiden when she first released and no regrets. I loved her and still do - she was worth every single penny.

  25. I feel nothing but pain at how similarly balanced our artifacts our looool. Like it's good enough to where you do close to 120-130k solo damage but mediocre enough where it's glaringly obvious you could do way more damage. A good build regardless, I have nearly the exact same setup minus 2 constellations.

  26. I have a 63-164 build but I’ll take the 70% crit rate especially since I do have a C6 sara for that sweet +60% CD. Without Sara tho I’ll have to switch builds

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