The joys of photocopying

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  1. Luck you. Maybe you should get yourself a lottery, just in case.

  2. This is sad. For a cow to start experimenting for water usually means it has no fresh trough or no water at all. Cows absolutely LOVE routine and when it’s broken is usually the only time they start to do things like escape.

  3. There's a bowl of water in the frame. Let's hope they've just been taught how to do that.

  4. One of the 3 trivia available says that 'Louis XIII will give out 1000 metal tickets that will allow the receiver's descendants to go see the screening of "100 Years" in 2115.'

  5. It's almost as if typos aren't a thing. *Be

  6. I'm dumb and Google doesn't help, please explain.

  7. I'm assuming it's maybe in reference to "flab" being a term for fat or excess body weight here in the UK. Though it's never been a problematic word, and if that is the reason it's a minefield, it's a bit of a stretch. It's akin to saying the phrase "heavy-handed" is a minefield...

  8. It's cause I looked at some definitions on urban dictionary and thought, nope.

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