1. I think Honky can be your kid's good friend all the way to the college

  2. It’s a Full Moon Friday night. Should be even more crazy.

  3. One of the coolest features on goose:

  4. Sling has WNYW (Fox) in tri State area.

  5. There's a critical question: is it like Pluto?

  6. Thank you! So that means both 1 and A can be taken from Penn?

  7. Penn Station has two sides: 7 Ave (1,2,3) and 8 Ave (A,C,E), and they're separate

  8. I am wondering what Live PD was on the very first episode.

  9. You have to be on home screen to clear all apps

  10. Goose honk: "yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!"

  11. Transfer speeds via USB have always been a crapshoot on any phone I ever tried really.

  12. Actually, USB-C 3.1 can make a big difference.

  13. Hypershock made "triple destruction"

  14. I am watching the last final (6-8)

  15. Up to 8-9 hours SOT when playing YouTube exclusively over Wi-Fi at 60% brightness

  16. xda has MSM tool for T-Mobile version to revert to R

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