1. Initio does satisfy the semi-experienced crowd very well as a brand. They don't have anything that is a super easy wear, Rehab might be the closest. Everything else has nuance, and ranks among the top of its category.

  2. I see some unique stuff in here, seems you're like 85-90% niche.

  3. Yes, I did fall pretty hard down the niche rabbit hole, but not on purpose. I had to try out Aventus and GIT after hearing all the hype, and one thing lead to another...

  4. To be honest, I've not really seen any great deals, online or in shops. "Save 25% in shop XXX" yeah well that makes the price the same as online discounters. "Save 20% at discounter XXX" well that makes for the same offer you give me at least 5-6 times a year.

  5. +1. Few (if any) good deals. Just to list a few, as I buy directly from the brands:

  6. Anything under 25% is really a joke if you ask me. Sure, I'll take whatever I can get, if I HAVE to get something, but 15%? Come on, we're talking BIG profits on perfume, give us a fair discount.

  7. Within niche it's super-rare to even see 15, much less a 20 or 25. The last 15 that I saw was the promo that a YouTuber was running on Atelier des Ors. The original stores will have larger profits than resellers since their overheads will be far lower, so I suspect there are some contractual limitations as to why the online store can't do big discounts...?

  8. I've tried 12 scents with full wears and I don't see much to like. I think Dear Polly and Poets of Berlin are worth consideration for women, but for men, I think you can find similar profiles with better refinement elsewhere, sometimes even at better prices. Performance can vary, and some smell synthetic also (looking at you, Purple Fig). The only thing worth for men is Morning Chess which is a clean (less synthetic) CDNIM-smelling Aventus dupe.

  9. Angels Share is $166, so honestly about the same as if you’re a VIB rouge and got 20% off. For BR540:

  10. For MFK, cheaper in Europe. Angels Share retails €200 in Europe, so that's great value. And Kilian doesn't do any discounts on their website either, they'll offer you a 7.5ml. Current promo is 10ml+7.5ml+4x1.5ml.

  11. My 100ml of Ani ALMOST sits next to the bottle of Gris Charnel Extrait. I now have Tero in-between.

  12. Interesting collection, if only lacking fresher fragrances, but hey - I'm not hating, my collection is gourmand-dominated as well.

  13. Oh man, hopefully the buylist will wait cause I splurged on my last 3 in the last month but it would be Carlisle, Naxos and interlude.

  14. If by "heavy hitter type" you mean scents that are designed mainly for fall/spring wear (and are not a typical summer wear), I'd say BDK's Gris Charnel Extrait and Kilian's L'heure Verte.

  15. Very limited, if any. Starlight is sharp cardamom, very warm spicy. Enigma has that coca-cola float open and then dries to mainly a honey scent with a shred of cinnamon.

  16. Arabian Oud is better🤷🏾‍♂️

  17. Arabian Oud is a cheap clone house, comparing it to Amouage is like comparing my driving skills to those of Lewis Hamilton.

  18. Need more reviews like this, because I've worn 300ish fragrances this year and there's still just one 10 that I have. Objectivity goes a long way.

  19. Ok now i need to hear what the 10 is, no let me hear a top 5

  20. I have a post coming up (early December) for the top five 2022 releases which includes some 9.5s and 9s.

  21. The comments I'm seeing makes it sound like Nishane's Tero outclasses this for a gourmand patchouli profile. That sounds like a W to my collection.

  22. Used to wear Layton as a signature, but partly stopped because I let one of my more social (in a "goes to the club" type way) sample it and he got a bottle also.

  23. Apparently the moderators removed my post for "clickbait", wow that's excessively stupid. Reddit moderators on power trips make me chuckle

  24. We don't need posts like this on the sub, imagine how much fluff there would be here if people randomly came in with a "TODAY I AM WEARING X - THOUGHTS!?" There's already too much low quality s**t as is.

  25. Given the mixing pot of niche and designers, within the niche realm, the most typical unisex-to-masculine fragrances that one should have tried are Xerjoff's Naxos, PDM's Layton, PDM's Herod, Initio's OFG, and obviously Aventus/Elysium.

  26. What Italian (style) fragrances scream cleanliness with a touch of high quality citrus?

  27. Decas from Xerjoff. Very high-quality orange note.

  28. Räägin teile loo sarnastel teemadel. Vaatasin korraks ta Dspace ja tundub, et ta on biotehnoloogia magistri ära teinud [Dspace

  29. Mis põhjusel selle töö lugemine kontot nõuab? Tavaliselt olen teiste ülikoolide puhul lõputöid saanud ilma kontode ja asjadeta suht lihtsalt kätte.

  30. Ma ei proovinud isegi ta tööd lahti teha, aga tundub, et TÜ on rakendanud mingisuguse reegli ainult tema tööle, et seda ei saa, sest kui sa vajutad seal "Biotehnoloogia magistritööd - Master's thesis [25]" peale ja võtad nt. kellegi teise töö, kes samast kursusest, siis nende omasid saab.

  31. Yep. The existing license Estee Lauder had in place with Tom Ford Beauty would've expired in 2030, so even if they didn't go through with this acquisition and the license didn't get renewed, EL would've continued to have the rights until 2030.

  32. Are we talking pre- or post-reformulation Jubilation? Because to me, Jubilation is an advanced version of a simple date-night fragrance like Naxos. It's a great wear for somebody that wants something more unique.

  33. Man I guess I got post reformulation cause you can tell it smells real good but it is too light and doesn't last.Or what I wasn't expecting. If pre formulation is VERY noticeably stronger that would be my go to scent. I may have to search for some one day. I gave my what I think is post reformulation decant away.

  34. Yep. When I first smelled it, I instantly knew it was something for me, but the performance was so bad that I wore my sample 3x to the gym instead.

  35. Oh, that's interesting! Does Xerjoff Naxos count, with its lavender and honey? Because if so, I feel like it'd be a solid example.

  36. Personally wouldn't call Naxos aromatic nor a gourmand, unless we're eating a bouquet of lavender.

  37. The whole "common" idea is subjective anyway, like who says the fragrance on topic is actually popular in your area?

  38. The regional/country aspect is huge. In my country, I might be one of a couple dozen people with multiple bottles that have RRPs over €500.

  39. This "90% of guys don't wear cologne" stat that I constantly see people cite is some of the biggest BS. Like it has to be people buying the same mainstream scents, blowing smoke up each others asses to feel better about their ultra-popular purchases.

  40. Happens very rarely nowadays as I'm more of a vet, but once wore 3 sprays of Oud for Greatness to the gym. Not doing that one again.

  41. To the point that I'd buy, I like around 1/6th or ~16-17%. Have actually bought around half, so ~8%.

  42. Actually savory gourmands typically are overkill. Best example of this that I think is unanimously recognized as overkill is Montale's Chocolate Greedy.

  43. Lune Feline is on my wishlist! They are out of stock on samples at luckyscent, but I would definitely like to try it when they get some in stock!

  44. You could look at Unique'e Luxury's SoScientific. It's just a bunch of sugared fruit basically.

  45. Max size, but capped at 125. Not buying 200s for MFK, not buying 250s for Kilian or Creed.

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