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  1. What would you say to someone who participates in an even every year that raises hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer research at the expense of your road being blocked off for a couple hours one day a year?

  2. Planning ahead is critical. I also live in an area that gets cut off often by races. Sometimes they send out notices ahead of time, and sometimes I get a heads up from this sub. I always check the course maps and if we have to go somewhere that day, we park outside of the area so we can get out. But when we miss one and need to go somewhere, it really sucks.

  3. watching Marner basically single-handedly end Toronto's playoffs against Montreal in 2021... I don't know.

  4. I’ve watched Laine stand around/skate through mud on way too many power plays.

  5. I drive to hocking college then ride my bike to Athens for millers chicken

  6. Zambito search group works half day fridays I think. Have a buddy there.

  7. It’s the stupid fucking towels for me. Steelers? Sure. But why at penguins games??

  8. Another 4 hours and they start dancing again but the outfit is stuck in the position seen here. So there’s just asari boobs clipping in and out of the frozen outfit.

  9. I’ve kayaked on Hoover Reservoir a bunch this summer and loved it. Tons of area to explore, and not much traffic on the water to worry about even on the busiest of days. Super quiet and the water is very calm too.

  10. Fleet feet. They will watch you run on the treadmill and recommend best suggestion for you

  11. Unpopular opinion- He just started playing defense last year after Jones left.

  12. Pretty much. The old pairing was basically "let Z score goals and Jones will cover his ass". Now Z has to actually play defense and round out his game.

  13. I’ll even go as far as saying I didn’t like him until last season where he was tolerable.

  14. Ted cruz pisses his pants on purpose because he likes the warm wet feeling between his legs.

  15. This brings back memories of the Kahoots, A wild place to eat billboard on Henderson.

  16. Dungeons and Daddies. First time I gave it a shot, I didn't keep listening after the first episode. Gave it another shot this spring, and holy cow it's wonderful.

  17. This is the only answer. God it’s good. The $5/month Patreon is lit

  18. Consistent, ad-free, weekly podcasts. That's why I prioritize paying for their patreon over max fun (TAZ is the only MF podcast I consistently listen to).

  19. I legit almost ran off the road when Henry ran into the Djinnis. “Woah you can’t call us that!”

  20. Paid $360 for 3 seats upper bowl behind the stage 🤢🤢🤢 and that was before resale.

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