1. There's a ban in place from something like 1931. When roe was won that nullified that ban. Now that roe is overturned that ban is back in place because it was never taken off the books.

  2. Okay, so then we have no idea when they will make that decision?

  3. It might be a while as the court hasn't even said whether they'll listen to the case or not.

  4. Tagging on to add there's one tonight at 5:00pm in Lansing for anyone that wants to jet to the capital.

  5. Are there HBO max reality shows? The only one that I could think of is the Selena Gomez cooking show, and that was ok. Then there was the Lebron James show but that was more a talk show/interview type show.

  6. There are three that I really like. One is Great Pottery Throwdown, which is a pottery competition show. Another is Full Bloom, which is a floral competition show. Third is The Hype, which is like project runway but for streetwear.

  7. This is great and all but I kind of agree with Brian Jones-Chance. The Park Place houses come with a deed restriction that will make it difficult to build equity. I feel like that's kind of a raw deal for the owners. When they eventually move they could have less than what the house is worth, thus making it difficult to move up or even move sideways.

  8. This is great news! Hopefully this will help businesses in the area.

  9. Take that energy and work locally. Talk to your neighbors, get involved in the community, log off social media. If it is all doom and gloom like you think it is, then a strong community will be important.

  10. Rumors are that Biden will call for a gas tax holiday tomorrow.

  11. I like some people at Reason and Cato, but I'm not a huge fan of either.

  12. Gonna yeet those electoral votes right into the sun.

  13. Imagine talking about hunting fellow republicans and no one says a word, but mention cocaine orgy just once and the entire party loses its mind.

  14. I'm flying up from Nevada next week to explore moving for this exact reason. Seems like the entire American Southwest is in for some pretty painful years.

  15. Enjoy your stay! It's beautiful up here right now.

  16. Commuter trains from AA/Ypsi, Lansing, and Flint to Detroit plz.

  17. Ann Arbor is like any quiet northside Chicago neighborhood, only the public transportation isn't as robust and it doesn't have nearly the population density. So the walkability is like city and not a planned trail system. Check out neighborhoods along the Huron River for easy access to trail walking if that's the kind of thing you're looking for.

  18. My brother used to have a fancy food truck making smoked meats/sandwiches in Pittsburgh and said food truck culture was amazing there. You could get anything and had a whole little economy surrounding it with kitchens and popups etc. AA is a great location for a vibrant food truck industry but it seems like a pain to set it up here.

  19. If you saw The Right Stuff and liked it you'll probably dig For All Mankind. It's an alternate history of the space race, not Battlestar Galactica type of scifi.

  20. If you're willing to live a tad outside of town down along the lake, check out lakeshore apartments. There's a shuttle that runs to the schools, and a bus line that can get you downtown if that's important. I swear half my posts on here are shilling for this place but it really is great. Seems cheaper than Aspen Chase for one bedrooms too.

  21. "Did you poke me in the eye" part was disturbing and hilarious at the same time. Barry is funny the same way Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs are funny.

  22. This is the right call but I can help but feel bad for a generation of home buyers we F'd over yet again. Here I am at 2% with no plans to move for the next decade enjoying life.

  23. We locked in our rate at 4.9 just last week for our first home purchase. Just yesterday I saw posts with people feeling good about their 5.2 rate. Everyone is getting hit with at least 6.5 today.

  24. Hi, I'm currently about to close on my first house and I just wanted to tell you that your anxiety is perfectly normal. I almost passed out when my offer was accepted, and had a panic attack later that evening lol. It got so bad I talked to my doctor about it. I won't feel totally relaxed until we close, but the stress has lifted as things started falling into place.

  25. So I currently live in the Ann Arbor area and it's actually pretty close to a lot of very nice parks. Both Ann Arbor and Ypsi are fairly contained, so it can get rural fast once you get out of the downtown areas, which aren't very big to begin with. Lots of picturesque small towns in the area too.

  26. I made my yard fire ants free by moving north.

  27. I've been living in the area since 2012ish and haven't experienced any crime, and I like the area enough that I'm currently buying a house here.

  28. Our roads are horrible, but at least our bridges don't look like they were made by my great aunt May's quilting group.

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