1. America is facing problems that it’s never had before. No one predicted after the fall of the Soviet Union that China would become a true economic competitor to the US within a decade or two. The internet has changed everything from social interaction to international commerce. We are rapidly moving from a unipolar superpower situation to a multipolar alliance situation. None of these things have easy solutions and some of them are likely unsolvable in the near future. The problem we really face imo is 1. An inability to think creatively to solve problems across party lines 2. The nationalization of local elections 3. The dissolution of media organizations and their inability to adapt to new business models 4. A true change from Cold War or early post Cold War thinking about everything from market economics to military strategy (likely due to the advanced age of almost everyone at high levels in government).

  2. I think there are democrats, republicans, independents, libertarians, socialists, greens and others that want America to prosper. People have different visions but the founding idea of this country is that you could take the best ideas from different philosophies (basically what the enlightenment was all about, which inspired the founders thinking) and create a country that could face any challenge through the strength of its people. If you have already decided an entire political party, movement or millions of people want to see America fail because you don’t agree with them then you’ve basically decided to quit the American project as the founders envisioned it.

  3. To actually lose weight doing 16/8, you should make sure at least one of your meals is a low cal protein shake. If you do IF but don’t also do some CICO then you will lose a little bit but you probably won’t be satisfied.

  4. This is interesting to me because I think most of us are the villain in someone else’s story, even if it’s just a small time villain.

  5. It’s not a coincidence that the top ten states for gun deaths (per capita) are also the 10 states with the highest rate of gun ownership and some of the most relaxed laws in the country. People talk about all the gun violence in liberal states but they are all lower on the list (with the exception of New Mexico).

  6. The drug war is dumb but, in general, politicians should be arrested for doing illegal things specifically because they are the ones that actually have outsized influence on the law. Political party shouldn’t really matter except if they are pushing really hard for making the thing they did illegal or creating worse punishments, then they should suffer even higher scrutiny imo.

  7. Strategies change after hitting 30, hangovers start becoming worse and last longer. As you get older the trick really becomes drinking water in between every cocktail or every 2nd beer and then quitting before you get too tipsy. Your 20’s are great for hangover cures but your 30’s are about not getting hungover in the first place imo.

  8. It can buy comfort which makes certain types of happiness more likely. Lots of money is like a genie in a bottle, it can fix a hell of a lot but it can’t make anyone fall in real love or bring anyone back from the dead. It also doesn’t help with chemical imbalances but can get you better treatment (though that doesn’t always work).

  9. I stoped believing in the religious teaching about who god is, how to worship god and what god wants from me. Doesn’t mean there isn’t a god or many gods or no gods. Maybe it’s all a simulation. Heck, I can’t really rule anything out other than knowing people who try to control me by manipulating my fear of death are assholes and what they try to force me to believe through fear, intimidation and threats is probably bullshit.

  10. Don’t die. I’m not joking. Infants and toddlers are like suicide machines. I had a friend who has a couple of kids who told me the hardest job for the first 4 years is keeping them alive. I laughed and laughed because I was an idiot without children. Even if you have a 100 percent average, healthy kid they will try to poison themselves, choke on something, fall/jump off something or do something else dangerous.

  11. It’s just as likely as anything else. I sort of like the It from Bit philosophy. If your interested, I’d suggest reading Reality+ by David Chalmers.

  12. Well we are bots put here by the simulation to get people to question if this is a simulation or not so we can see how that tests in the simulation.

  13. Make friends, try out new stuff, allow yourself to think about the world from a different perspective, travel (if you can), don’t borrow soul crushing amounts of money, party but try not to overdo it and remember that college will end. I think college is the last time in a lot of peoples lives that feels like it moves slowly when your in it but is over very quickly. At least for me, I know that everything post college has moved faster and faster. Also, be kind to yourself and forgive others.

  14. I wanted to work in the entertainment industry (Hollywood, broadway etc) and I do now but it didn’t really go the direction I thought it would. I’m very happy with my current job but the road to get there was wild. Go after those dream jobs, you might end up in a dream job you never even considered as a possibility!

  15. I still remember the first time I got bit by a horsefly. I was at the summer camp swimming pool and it was so painful. I remember turning to one of the lifeguards and being like “I just got stung by a wasp!” And he was like “Naw man, that was a HUGE horsefly”. It blew my 8 year old mind that there was yet another asshole bug out in those woods looking to take a chunk out of me.

  16. I think porn sites should have to verify age in a way that is meaningful. It’s fucked up a child can look at pornography on the internet with zero barriers other than a pop up asking how old you are. That seems like a common sense thing to me that the left and right could find a compromise on.

  17. Straight up gambling online is more difficult for kids at least in the US because it requires payment info.

  18. This won’t be a problem when every school is brought to you by the evangelical church in partnership with Pepsi Cola! Drink Pepsi just like Christ! Learn the most important 10 corporate values while studying how man and dinosaur lived together in harmony! The future is bright!

  19. The NRA is weaker than it has ever been. Now is the time to bash its skull in. We also need a rise in corresponding responsible gun ownership groups that push for better gun regulation and is comprised of people that actually own guns.

  20. Not true. First, you can have independent labs test and certify products. Such labs exist today for various markets. Secondly, companies want repeat customers - they aren't looking to make only one sell. FDA doesn't actually prevent contaminated products from going out - otherwise, you'd never see a single recall.

  21. I think there is an important difference between bad government regulation and government regulation as a tool to facilitate industry or provide for the common good. We shouldn’t dig up the whole garden because there are some weeds. As with almost everything in life, there is a good solution that depends on data first regardless of political philosophy.

  22. Anytime the market demands something, it will provide. I like the idea of my products being tested, and the market can do not only a better job, but much more efficiently. Competition creates innovation and desire to be better.

  23. I don’t really think a truly unrestrained invisible hand will provide what people need efficiently. It will do so profitably, which doesn’t correlate to efficiency all the time. Markets are excellent mechanisms for assigning value up to a point. One of the reasons the FDA said Oxy was safe and effective was because of aggressive lobbying by pharma lawyers and biz dev folks. Oxy was super profitable but it created a drag on the healthcare system and destroyed generations of Americans. The market can’t magically price in all the repercussions created by profit pursuits. It’s just way more complicated than reducing government imo.

  24. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

  25. If I just copy and pasted your comment but then made “a well regulated militia” bold and italicized we essential have the problem with this text perfectly captured in two comments.

  26. Originalism is the peak of judicial hackery. It’s a fun theory but in practice it’s just a shell game to obfuscate political and religious motives.

  27. Originalists would have to be pro-choice. Abortion was legal for the first hundred years of the US. They don't even follow their own bs.

  28. Yeah they keep bringing up old European laws but the entire reason abortion is legal in much of Europe before 12 or 15 weeks is because of the old “quickening” standard that existed in those old European laws. They are absolutely inconsistent in ways that are laughably dishonest.

  29. This is the internet. If you want to find crazy, you will find crazy. Sensible healthcare solutions for poor people with few options does not exist on a continuum of murdering babies after they are born. You’re just throwing silly misdirection out because that’s what Fox News has told you is always the appropriate response to anything you perceive as liberal.

  30. Though your invitation to read your post history like a young squire pouring over Churchill or Lenin is tempting, I’ll decline. Still don’t see why the Mississippi republicans couldn’t support this, it’s not like they have an alternative plan to help poor mothers.

  31. Funny how that article doesn't comment on the fact that the policies this article are complaining about was put in place by a Republican administration and requires the FDA to take the actions it is taking. Also the fact that he is complaining that WIC is designed to save money to assist those most in need, while neglecting to mention that the company who benefits the most from this gravy train is also the company who refused to update their facilities or provide adequate safety controls and who lobbied for the inability to import formula from Canada.

  32. Libertarians are not Republicans nor Democrats. We tend to try to stay out of the petty "that other party is more evil" mess and focus on solutions. We let the R's and D's continue to play their little finger pointing game.

  33. Former libertarian here. I think that isn’t entirely true. Maybe the libertarian party has changed but when I was an active member there was a strong “government can never be part of the solution” thing that ran through almost all of the platform. That cuts out a lot of potential solutions where government might actually be the best option or at least a good facilitator. Libertarians almost always vote Republican if they are not voting for the libertarian candidate. Hell, there are libertarians in the Federalist society, which is dedicated to electing conservative judges (not libertarians).

  34. A party of the trolls, by the trolls and for the trolls. Can’t wait until my neighbor puts the “fuck your feelings” flag on the back of his truck again. Such a wonderful group of folks, truly Christlike.

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