What did the pandemic ruin more than we realise?

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  1. the one thing that makes me believe that george is a pedophile is what he said at caylees funeral like what the fuck i’m sorry but that’s just not normal. like ik no normal grandfather would say shit like that.

  2. Yea that's fricken disgusting... I can't believe he said that..

  3. You are intentionally being difficult in this conversation, I want to understand why you think this way and all you are doing in being an asshole.

  4. How am I being difficult? By disagreeing with you? I have a totally opposite opinion than you and I truly think it's okay and we'll make it through this. I think people have gotten worse you don't. I don't see an issue?

  5. I want to understand your disagreement so I can improve my worldview. I am pretty young so any type of wisdom is good wisdom for me

  6. Well..I just said people have gotten worse and then you call me an ass hole. I think you are young and the name calling should be cut out because that solves nothing and shows how rude people are. You easily said that because I disagreed with you. I promise the older you get the more and more people will disagree with your views and if you go around name calling what are you solving? Nothing. You're spewing hate for no reason. I have my views because I have them. Because of my life experience, my career, and just life in general. You said your young so idk how young but you don't sound experienced which is fine..that comes with growth and maturity. I don't need to give you a list of why I think people have gotten worse in MY OPINION. But again stop with the name calling as you grow up because you're going to piss of the wrong person. Good luck.

  7. I THINK SHE DID IT however those who watched the peacock documentary may think George because: he did not cooperate from the beginning either. Strange behavior and selective memory. Stated one thing to media, but was prosecutors key witness. Had an affair, etc. all of this happened even if you remove the SA story line that Casey alleges. Rot in hell bitch :)

  8. I think that she did it but George helped her get rid of caylees body or something. They are in on this together for sure. And I think he had the affair and Casey partied is because they thought they were going away for a long time... Crazy.

  9. The friend who posted this sucks lol! I'd be so embarrassed hahaha

  10. I thought I was obviously making a joke. Like when you laugh and say "you suck" if someone scares you or makes a dumb joke... Ahhh man.

  11. Agreed. She wants people to respect her as an adult so she should really chill out with the rudeness. Doesn’t help her family eggs it on and tolerates it.

  12. I agree. I feel like Tara is the only one who sees how babied she still is.

  13. Shauna could actually learn a lot from Tara if they could quit bumping heads. Sisters do that, but Tara is on a great path with a long term relationship and a life of her own

  14. I thought it was strange that she claimed her father would smother her with a pillow during the abuse and she would wake up later. As a former member of law enforcement, it would be my suspicion that he wouldn’t risk something that could go awry so fast

  15. When she said this I could immediately tell it was a lie and she was trying to add shock value and another reason "her dad killed her daughter". The way her face looked when her lawyer looked at her... All lies.

  16. She's kind of a b*tch. It's like she doesn't want special treatment, but at the same time, she can't stop talking about how special she is.

  17. I honestly feel like anyone who believes her and this documentary is just wild. She's an obvious liar who's trying to get any money she can. She had years to think of a crap story about who and how her daughter died and she couldn't keep any of it straight.

  18. People can just make videos online and make money. Feels like no one wants to work.

  19. Most people at the gym don’t lift correctly and therefore cause muscoskeletal injuries. Doesn’t mean lifting itself is wrong. And I would like to read your source about keto being so bad for your body long term. I don’t do keto so I’m not a shill and have no skin in the game but bad science is very irritating.

  20. If you do keto wrong it's so bad for your body..that's all I meant

  21. Yes. And I meant that most things are bad for you if you do them wrong.

  22. It's crazy how she thinks the money she gets from this is worth it.

  23. I do or I grab my phone. It's so uncomfortable me for some reason

  24. Because a lot of us grew up being told kissing/sex is bad before marriage and that it’s a bong between two people who love each other. The same woman who told me this also told me she likes the trust in the relationship in 50 shades of gray

  25. I think she's the only one who's treats Shauna like a "normal" person and everyone is so mean to tara.

  26. I was the cheater... My then partner and I were young. We got married when I was 22 and I had a lot of past trauma and abuse.. 3 months after we were married I had a full blown affair and they walked in on us hanging out... I am now married to that person and am 30..I'm very much in love and love my family but the guilt I still feel eats me alive and there's no way I can reach out to that person..maybe they'll see this..but I am still hurting over how badly I messed up.

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