1. Use hotel/airbnb TV if it is not too big

  2. I always wonder, how are American are such moronic people - they did this under their nose so glaringly and got away too! And still there is no rescue for repeating such act..

  3. Not for a database, you can only do it for a single object.

  4. any other workarounds to reference linkedserver DB?

  5. Protestors a fucking stupid, they fight police on streets where as supposed to fight politicians..

  6. I wish there was a noise ranking for each airbnb listing. Or an easy way to find quiet ones.

  7. Unlimited is tooo far. But can limit to 100M or so

  8. my head spins to see so many factors to research and study to invest;

  9. Looking for helpers unload truck full household items and furniture as well assemble, at lake Nona; please DM me for any leads..

  10. I used to work for a 5-star resort spa, so I can tell you from experience that AAA ratings can be trusted because they send in reps to evaluate on a pretty consistent basis (felt like 2-4 times a year). Hotels can move up or down or off the lists depending on amenities and service. I usually look at 4-star hotels for vacations, personally. I don’t want to have to worry about the quality of my vacation.

  11. It was $130/night with their fees! :(

  12. I was really disappointed by discount hype but there wasn't any discount at all.

  13. Language would be major barrier e.g. Spanish for SA to get social

  14. Is it possible to apply ourselves w/o a lawyer?

  15. They will say nice things for your ears. But the reality is different!!

  16. I don't always agree with Joe, but he's absolutely correct on this. No more corporate welfare.

  17. They will say nice things for your ears. But the reality is different!!

  18. The case in the EU was such an annoying miss though. They agree that they should remove it, but could not agree on whether to go for permanent summer time or permanent winter time, so they dropped it. At one point it even looked like some countries would go summer and some winter, a mess that would even be worse than the current system. Such a great opportunity lost, I still get properly angry when I think about it...

  19. you need to ask t-mobile if it works outside of usa

  20. Faves: Vegas, Dallas, Austin, Orlando

  21. Everyone gets to like what they like but Vegas to me is the absolute worst place in the USA. It epitomises the worst of human nature and does it in a place where no human should be living. But maybe you were joking.

  22. you need to take gambling out of pic.

  23. I have been in finance for many years and provided protection for the firm’s cash. Some people called me obsessive in the fact that I attempt in all cases to keep all cash over FDIC protection out of the banks balance sheet,

  24. I confirm from San Gil/Bucaramanga it was scary strong one last week

  25. 6 months is general limit but if you stay every year out of country for six months - you may risk your GC! Keep your trips short

  26. got it! Well then in that case I should be happy to travel maybe 3 months of the year. I can’t risk my green card

  27. you may split 3, 3 or 2, 2 months but not 6 months at a stretch.

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