1. Wow that is the chonkiest gecko I have ever seen. Glad she’s on a diet and in good responsible hands now- hope she stays healthy and happy!!

  2. This is too cute- you did a great job!!! Glad to know our old pal is alive and well. <3

  3. Meet the Robinsons. Maybe not a ride but a great look into interesting inventions, future technology. I could imagine something like this would require its own park. Something that is dedicated to a look at the future, and education, maybe some imagination. They could even find a way to tie different cultures into it. No idea where they would put it.

  4. I would 100% be into this! Unrelated but that song at the end gets me emotional every time. We had an event at MK the other day and at the end they played that song in front of the castle and I cried.

  5. Your only way to get extended hours is to book a deluxe instead. Don’t attempt to lie to us or ask me how to. Not only is it insanely disrespectful, we check at every touchpoint and will immediately see that you aren’t a deluxe guest.

  6. Excuse me? What a weird joke to make. I hope you don’t say things like that to people to their faces. Yikes.

  7. I went to Garden Grill for my birthday this year and my amazing waitress brought me ice cream and called over all 4 characters and she sang happy birthday while they clapped for me!! Super adorable moment.

  8. D’awww thank YOU for bringing the magic for us!!

  9. My favorite was during the mask mandates when, between the mask and my hair covering my face, it would edit out everything except one eye and turn me into a human Mike Wazowski abomination in that weird powerpoint art style💀

  10. The buses do not currently run from Springs to the parks (or vice versa). You’d have to park at Springs, take a bus to a resort, and take a park bus from there. Given how spotty the bus times can be, I’d say just pay the 25.

  11. Animal Kingdom is your best bet. Other than that, Emporium would be the store in Magic Kingdom to have anything UP! (have seen pins/plushes/etc). And if we had anything UP! in Hollywood it would be at Mickey’s of Hollywood right at the front of the park!

  12. Fun fact: this exact figure now lives in the Magic Kingdom’s Carousel of Progress! When John says “looks like the robins are getting ready to celebrate valentine’s day,” look out the window to the left- that’s the one!

  13. I fly all the time because of my job and I’ve never not brought a stuffed animal in addition to my backpack(personal item and very small so the plush would never fit in it). I’ve always used spirit and they’ve never said anything or charged me more for it. One of them was a nearly 3 foot long Figment plush and still, nothing lol. You should be good!

  14. So you'd basically have to get through multiple layers for any changes to be made to the operation of an attraction.

  15. I don’t know why you’re getting downvoted- you’re right. Maybe someone could take on this suggested role while tasking but to push through an entirely new rotation role would take forever. Signed, a WDW CM

  16. The ice cream game was my favorite! I made a post on here somewhere a million years ago about Bunnytown (specifically the tv special where they’d hide the rabbits throughout specific Playhouse Disney episodes) but nothing ever came of it lol.

  17. There was an inverted coaster on the boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ that was so shaky that my friend cut his head on the shoulder restraints from being tossed around. I don't remember the name of the ride, just that the coaster was pink.

  18. Lol, I was never allowed to do any of the Wildwood boardwalk rides. My parents trusted none of them!

  19. From memory, he says “I never met an icecream truck I didn’t like” followed by “I knew something was up with that ice cream” in the second scene. After that, he says something about mailmen being a dog(?)’s favorite food which leads to the dog “animatronic” lol.

  20. My best guess is that 0-0-2022 was probably a placeholder before they had decided the actual grand opening date, and they put the pin in production without remembering to change those numbers to the correct date, but realized before too long that it was an error but one of the misprints fell through the cracks.

  21. Okay I really don’t need any more collectibles but also uhhh… what are you asking for him? 👀

  22. MK: Star Traders in Tomorrowland, the Emporium.

  23. I appreciate your help! We will be on the look out this coming week!

  24. Update: unfortunately we are in fact out of them in Hollywood. System says Creations in Epcot may have them, but take that with a grain of salt bc our inventory check isn’t always correct lol. If you’re able to, I’d say to check those stores in Springs and Creations if possible!

  25. Thank you so much for following up and looking at this for me! I really appreciate it!

  26. It’s no problem! I hope you’re able to get your hands on one- may the Force be with you!

  27. I’m late to the party lol but your friend here is a very pretty male Luna moth!!

  28. A few years back, one of my good friends passed away. I always associated her with ladybugs because she liked them and she’d always doodle them on her papers. The day of her funeral I woke up and there was a bright red ladybug on the wall. There was a hole in my window screen but out of every bug that could’ve came in, what were the odds of that? I had a late start to my day because I spent like twenty minutes trying to safely get it down and let it outside (and I was able to lol)

  29. That’s a rosy maple moth!! They’re colored that way to help them

  30. I have the parasaur too!! He was kind of an impulse purchase because I couldn’t pass up his silly face. He’s so goofy looking and I love him!

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