1. Partially incorrect, yes that amount wouldn’t kill you but a lot more would. Everything is poisonous, just some things are more potent than others so you’d need less of the strong stuff and more of the weak stuff

  2. That I understand and respect, but I don’t know what they would be because no body part is square/cubed

  3. I was very confused because I didn’t tap on the image to make it full so there wasn’t context but also there’s a grammatical error which didn’t help. You said “having my girlfriend present” which makes it seem like the word present is a verb because you didn’t go “having my girlfriend’s present”. English is confusing

  4. That’s cool but you are a sitting duck, whether that’s to other people or the ring. But the view there is neat

  5. That’s funny, because as the second last round I played (the most current one didn’t end well because one person left and the other was very idle, despite me landing and getting a yellow evo shield from one of the circle buildings near the phase runner entrances/exits near the hydroponics) I was Catalyst and someone else was Mirage, the other person was Lifeline however. But that was fine because the care package gave me the yellow shield and we won, that was my first win as Catalyst. No one died either, however I did get knocked down so I didn’t get the no knockdown badge

  6. I figured. Because the mirror tells you where the room is, so it would be strange to have two items that can tell you where the room is

  7. Have you previously played fps games? If so, that experience will help. I also recommend doing a tutorial on the controls and then going into the firing range to try out every, and I mean every, gun to see what you like and so you can see which attachments go on which guns, so for example if you like a gun that can have a barrel stabiliser but you don’t have the gun and you found the stabiliser you can pick it up in advance just in case you find the gun. You can also try out any Legend (note: you won’t be able to unlock ones below the first row until you get to like level 23, so just practice with the ones in the top row first) so you can get used to their abilities. If you’re new I suggest winning by hiding because you get experience for surviving, longer you survive the more xp you get, if you survive till the second squad that could be like 20 minutes of surviving which will get you at least 3000 xp. Don’t land where others would land and hide. Also red is better than yellow (probably), yellow is better than purple, purple is better than blue and blue is better than white. That goes for attachments, armour, backpacks, weapons etc

  8. Make a lightning rod? Or just live underground? I actually have never seen a lightning bolt hit and set a house on fire

  9. Interesting hypothesis. I believe this can be easily proven.

  10. You could also find out how many bones they may potentially posses at the same time

  11. I too only have two bones, they’re called the metacarpal bones, I have them on the left side (pinkie and ring) of my left hand

  12. It might depend? Because my dad had cancer but he didn’t have to go bald. Oh also the cancer he had wasn’t the kind you could beat, I miss him

  13. I don’t, because it requires to kill animals and I can’t bring myself to do that

  14. I was thinking of mobile entity (mob) not mafia mob. I was confused

  15. And people would still insist that baby is cute. Ugh, I hate those people

  16. I don’t understand why people are doing that and as far as I am concerned the latter is wrong

  17. The max I get is two, which if I skip them thy don’t exceed 10/15 seconds. Also sometimes the ads are good e.g. John Wick 4. Also if I get an ad at the beginning of the video I close it and reopen it until I don’t get one, it sometimes takes longer than just watching the ads but idc

  18. How large do you think a diamond has to be to be worth a fortune?

  19. I get your point but I doubt people just casually carry diamonds in their pockets

  20. As a controller player long range is the hardest to do but the G7 with a 3x or 2-4x is definitely the best weapon especially if you’re a newer player. Since running it I’ve also gotten decent with the 301 with a 3x as well when putting it on as a placeholder until I find a G7 but now actually like it and that’s how I’ve gotten most of my 2k games. It shoots fast for a marksman, deals 34 damage body shot and holds 15 rounds with a white mag plus if the fight comes close range and you need to swap weapons hip fire is also solid. I combine it with volt/car/r99 and it’s by far my favorite load out to run in the game and deal high damage. I also would not hold onto the Mozambique as a secondary past drop. If you like fast firing shotgun because you don’t yet have the accuracy for PK/mastiff the eva8 is way better than mozam

  21. I’m the opposite. This is my opinion P2020 < R-99 SMG/Alternator SMG < G7 Scout < R-301 Carbine

  22. Avoid open areas if possible, if not zig-zag, bunny hop, slide & other duck-dodge-weave movement maneuvers between cover spots to reduce incoming fire.

  23. https://media.tenor.com/a5w95V3HdVcAAAAM/nileseyy-niles-peace-out.gif

  24. The only thing I anticipated was the Doctor being Swiss. The rest was a rollercoaster

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