1. Really? And here I thought it was magic. Well wow. Thx for the insightful response.

  2. As long as it’s got a power cable plugged in it’ll provide power

  3. Yocan UniPro is inexpensive, has a great battery life and adjustable voltage. Buy 510 carts and drop them in.

  4. This is the only way to go. I'll say the Twist is just as good but the screen is nice for the feedback.

  5. Don't waste your time with the batteries from the OCS. get the Yocan Uni Pro as has been suggested.

  6. I like the colours. I had a black one and every time I put it down i'd lose it. yeah ok, I only use it to get super baked so that may have a little something to do with it.

  7. I lost my black one😭when I tried buying it again they were out of stock so had to go with this red one. I love it though! Those flavors sound hella good enjoy them💨

  8. The banana kush is distillate which generally i'm not a huge fan of anymore but it tastes like that banana candy and the buzz is a sweet full body buzz. You can feel it right down in your feet. I'm going with that tonight. it's settled.

  9. Ness always clogs for me. Too bad too. They taste good and the buzz is nice.

  10. I use it for thicker carts sometimes or if it’s really cold. It’s a nice feature but not needed normally.

  11. Saddleback wallets have a hundred year warranty. If you bought that particular brand of wallet, it would likely outlive you.

  12. My saddleback looks like it did on day 1. It’s about 15 years old. They are very well made.

  13. Ohh yes i love black cherry and black raspberry, they are my favorites

  14. Oh wow! I had the EXACT same boombox. JVC made killer units back in the day.

  15. Cool! I bid for one at an auction at shopgoodwill.com in hopes of winning it because I wanted a decent cassette boombox with Dolby noise reduction for cheap and I won that auction and it's now in my possession. I've been loving mine so far. The only issue mine has so far is the built in CD player part of it needs to be pressed down with a lot of force for it to even work well.

  16. I have an ancient Sony cassette player in the trunk of my car. Maybe I’ll post it! It also has a really nice sound.

  17. When I was young a lot of jams and jellies came in glass cups you could use after. Some were very nice.

  18. So if I change my political leanings do I have to change my fetishes? Or vice versa?

  19. Similar thing happened to us with one of my kids. They learned about WWII in school. of course we didn't know that because we get the usual answer of "nothing" when you ask what they learned in school (ahhh kids are such a treat!). A lot of library books came back about the war and Germany and all that. When we asked specifically why they were interested in that subject (it was very out of place for their personality) we were told they were learning about it and though it was interesting what the people had to go through during a war.

  20. Oh wow! that brings me back to my childhood. Haven't seen one for many years.

  21. Easily the most common complaint. Let’s hope Yocan is listening.

  22. Both ends of the cord are entering from the same side. The plug part is coming out of the far side from us, and the cord itself is feeding into the far side as well. It's just looped around itself on the near side

  23. This is the first explanation I’ve understood. I’ve seen these vids a ton here but no ones really explained it in a simple way. Thanks.

  24. nice thing about a Fiero is if you get tired of it they make a very good base for a kit car.

  25. Ive seen some pretty impressive kits, a guy i know is actually doing a hand made pantera body for his. But i dont think ill be putting a kit on mine, too rare to change the body around lol

  26. I used to love walking into the tire department of Sears when I was a kid. Mmmmmmm rubber smell.

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