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  1. Avoid kitchen and home at all costs. Those two are the worst to push in

  2. Yes, but toys is the worst to zone and reshop. I'd rather do anything but toys. And style.

  3. I've posted 2 shifts and they were never picked up. But it also depends on mgmt approval and l'm curious if they would deny a slower worker picking up a shift from a quick worker that's trying to drop it....

  4. To be within metrics you can scheduled within of 20% of your availability. Are you open Sunday?

  5. I'm not opposed to going over an hour or two but I have a hard stop at 11p.m M-F because I have a day job/career. But the schedule that just posted has me working until 12:30 a.m. on Tues and Thurs. What is my recourse in this situation?

  6. I'm not surprised by any of those things but I am extremely sad for you. You guys miss out on so much. Sending love from Texas!

  7. I'm 9 am CST and still don't have the link or code. Is this normal do you think?

  8. It's to late now but the interview probably could have been moved. I've scheduled and rescheduled many interviews with my day job and never had an issue with it. If they give you shit about moving it when they know you have a job already and you're a student, it could be a red flag. Good luck though! and I hope you kill!

  9. I recommend you always leave at your scheduled time. If you do your best but it doesn't all get done, oh well.

  10. Because Target doesn't answer the phones. I keep my phone on me at all times even when my kids aren't sick. I will always be available to them if they need me and Target can get wrecked if they have a problem with that. And to be clear, they know not to call when I'm working unless it's an emergency, i.e., fire, blood, death, illness, etc.

  11. My kids got some beef jerky because a lady forgot to get candy. She was their favorite house of the night.

  12. Return my equipment first, then I wash my hands in the breakroom to wash the guests grime off, then I clocknout and collect my bag.

  13. The pillows in the middle look like a thicc ass booty.

  14. The sandwich method. Positive feedback constructive feedback (be honest and tell them what youve noticed they need to work on), positive feedback. Works well for crucial conversations in my day job.

  15. I think it's normal to check in with your TL after clocking in. I am frequently scheduled for one area but actually am sent to another. Also, I'll get told to push a U-boat of freight or work on repacks or pull this area or that area, etc.

  16. I don't agree with the wasps part. I would put fleas there.

  17. Lice for me. I've never really had an issue with fleas or wasps, but lice, fuck them fuckers.

  18. It doesn't, but as an old person I don't give a fuck about being ranked. Not even slightly. They may have similar feelings and have drawn the conclusion the person who is upset is young and unlearned in the ways of shitty, 15 and hr retail job's. The less you care, the better your mental health will be.


  20. I'd say, "Girl, I am 36 and to much woman for your little boy. But he can call me when he's older" then wink at him as I walk away.

  21. I went mad and lost custody of my kids to their Dad and his new girlfriend. In reality, we did break up 4 months ago and he doesn't have a new girlfriend that I'm aware of. But after this vivid dream, I woke up and didn't know what month or day of the week it was for far to many beats. It freaked me out the rest of the day.

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