1. Whoops - my bad. Didn't realize it was August 8th already.

  2. Google Messenger, if she uses it, will transfer. She'll need to get the screen fixed, is the real answer. Send it into Google for repair, that's the only way to recover anything. Will cost about $250 IIRC.

  3. So, I have a question about Google Messages. I do not use that app but I did look up how she'd be able to access them on her computer and unfortunately she needs to still be able to use her phone to start the process.

  4. This story is beginning to sound a little sketchy to me personally.

  5. I use a Samsung Galaxy phone and use Textra for a texting app. So, I don't know anything about Google Pixel phones. I'm back in Wisconsin at my parents house and she's back home in Minnesota... I'm not sure what is sketchy?

  6. One of my ex bf's I was with had a huge problem with my plan I had to take my then 6 yr old son to NYC for his golden birthday (10th birthday) whether him and I were together or not... Married or not... Etc. I said, look man - this has been a long time planned thing.... Well my son is 10.5 and we haven't gone mainly because of the pandemic and cost of things. But at the time of that conversation he was so fucking butt hurt that I wouldn't even consider where we'd be at on our relationship and his kids, etc. I said, "look you're either on board or your not, I'm giving you the chance right now..."

  7. Tell him you want to cum first before you start the actual intercourse. Then cum either with his help or alone while he watches. Once you’ve cum just decide you’re done and don’t want the actual intercourse at all. If he complains remind him it’s not your fault he’s insatiable 🙃

  8. I have an atty who literally files stuff on the last day all the time...

  9. I used to work for one that filed after the deadline 4 minutes before court was stopping to accept any documents or would just not respond AT ALL. The judge made comments about it. It was bad!

  10. Perhaps y'all should look at what's happening in

  11. Also. Here is a picture taking yesterday afternoon of the dump site in front of my house. It has since grown and keeps growing, but if you look closely in a where’s Waldo fashion, you can see some crazy doper on his hands and knees scavenging.

  12. Awwww I think it's sweet haha. I left the ball in his court and I'm hoping he suggests something this coming weekend. Fingers crossed for both of us!

  13. Absolutely not. Do not even waste your time on this dork.

  14. Lived here my whole life. I’ve never heard someone be like “yeah, I live over in silver city” usually people just say street names/numbers. When I hear people on this subreddit shouting out random neighborhood names no one uses it just screams “I’m not from Milwaukee and I just looked at a map”

  15. Not that what I'm about to say stops me from watching these movies... I've just noticed it as I've gotten older and then went back to re-watch those movies from my heyday.

  16. First of all... Those mothers definitely have zero effing idea what is mom's with PMDD go through.

  17. This is so sweet, I can tell you really love him🥹 Thank you for your $0.02, these responses are helping me find so much peace in this situation!

  18. I 100% do. And, the fact that women consistently wreck havoc on one another and/or one-up each other stress me oooouuuut. 😒😒

  19. I would like to just mention that I have had some amazing experiences with nurses in my life and most recently with the passing of my dad. The nurses, nurse practicioners, LPN's, etc. were beyond phenomenal and compassionate. And truth be told, had it not been for them - my mom and I would have been lost. His entire Palliative Care team was amazing, his hospice nurse at home was amazing - y'all are just some of the best damn humans in the world and really made his end of life easier to go through. I know it's not an easy field to be in, especially after this pandemic; so from this internet stranger in Wisconsin, T H A N K Y O U!

  20. As a preschool teacher I get similar responses from people " oh so you wipe asses and noses all day". Lately because in going back to school to get my teaching credential so I can keep my job I've been hearing that it's ridiculous that I need to get a credential so I can teach kids the Alphabet or how to wash their hands.

  21. Preschool teachers, especially, have my immense gratitude! As a mom I absolutely loved my son's preschool teachers and how they showed up every day for those kids! Because of them, he has the love of school and is thriving and will be starting 5th grade!

  22. Data and doctors says it does help, as do countless women. What's your medical background exactly?

  23. Tons of women on here who say it doesn't... Did you see the OP's post?

  24. Ya seriously I've done so much worse I think it's kinda funny that so many people say they wouldn't.

  25. Lol preach! The things we have done and survived... Like it truly is amazing and yet equally traumatic. It's probably why we're all screaming in italics at everyone on reddit to go to therapy LMAO

  26. It all goes into the communal laundry heap and is washed together by the prisoners assigned to laundry duty then redistributed by size

  27. You don't go to Webbs for quality bro... Just like you don't go to Waffle House sober LMAO.

  28. thankyou so much for the tips! will check those out ❣️

  29. I don't want to defend a toxic biatch, but I've have a very very similar hip surgery. Could be true if either A) they have taken out the epidural (my pain more than tripled at that point) or B) she got an infection.

  30. I mean... Maaaaybe.... But like.... Probs not.

  31. Wow. Your mom is a LOT tougher than i am! I was 32 when i had mine - they cut off my hip, rotated it, and screwed up back on. And i wasn't ALLOWED to walk for 8 days (i wasn't allowed to sit up fully, either). Then i got MRSA in the incision and had to have 2 further surgeries to cut it out, and that was perhaps THE most painful thing I've ever been thru.

  32. As a work from home person who spends all her time with her dog too and we visit friends houses... I 100% ask my friends if my dog can play with their dogs toys because guess what? We are all humans and have 100 other things to remember to do & remembering about a dog toy, special or not, in a dog toy bin, to take out before a guest dog comes over is probably NOT on the list.

  33. Reminds me of the itty bitty washcloths the dollar store has, they're tiny squares like 2in x 2in and it says, "just add water" on the front!

  34. From a transplant to a transplant - be their friend! We have to stick together!

  35. You'll hear me coming from at least Kansas

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