1. People like her on reddit and twitter. Every other site hates her and wants her out

  2. Eh, the Insta comments section have definitely lightened up to Zara and even sympathize with her now. I think there is a large portion that haven’t and won’t like her, but she’s definitely gotten some people to warm up to her.

  3. Lol my mom hates it too and made me fast forward thru it when i rewatched it with her. It is kinda sensory overload lol but I find it interesting.

  4. I'm really confused. Usually the newest bombshell gets to pick who they want first despite who's picking?! I know they twist stuff for drama but it just feels forced if she doesn't get a say in who she wants to couple up with.

  5. They really aren’t consistent with that rule so it’s hard to know when it’ll apply. I think Samie won’t choose though, given she’s guaranteed to get picked and it would be better drama for a guy to choose her.

  6. I feel like Kai has fully shut down things with Tanyel and would pick Ellie over her. But maybe not.

  7. Well she was right, no good parent would be proud of their son acting the way Tom was acting in that situation. So now what?

  8. There isn’t a single guy who will pick Zara I don’t think :(((

  9. waits to be left on cliffhanger

  10. Aaron seems so uninterested in her, oh my god he sucks at flirting

  11. I feel quite confident it’s Zara. I understand the ones involved in drama typically stay long, but they have to do another recoupling and dump someone and I just don’t know who will pick Zara :( the producers can work with votes, but recoupling are harder.

  12. To be fair, those tropes didn’t develop immediately. By this point last season, most of the tropes hadn’t developed yet (Ekin/Davide werent back together, Tasha and Andrew were not in a good place, Dami/Indiyah maybe had just gotten together at the end of week 2).

  13. The first two weeks of this season have been better than the first two of last season imo. Last season we got a lot from Ekin-Su obviously, but I found the rest of the first two weeks a bit dull tbh. Luca/Gemma getting together, and then Danica stealing him. Jacques coming in (underwhelming for what is was hyped up to be). Indiyah/Ikenna situation. Afia and Remi were irrelevant. I think we have had a way more action-packed season so far than last, and we don’t seem to have too many strong couples — a very good sign for the rest of the season. Don’t get be wrong, overall last season was quite good, but Ekin was the real selling point of the beginning. I feel this season has had Zara/Liv/Tom drama, Ellie/Ron/Lana, now Samie has just come in and truly shaken things up. Will has already had a solid story too. We have a long way to go, but I can definitely see this being a top-tier season like 3/5/8.

  14. Uhh.. haven’t watched that movie since I was five, and i the only thing I remember besides Bambi being cute is Bambi’s mom dying… Errr- maybe I’m overthinking it but a bit of an odd choice by a mother 😭

  15. Where are they gonna put her body? The ground is frozen. I suppose they could burn her. They’ll eat her eventually.

  16. It snowed once, that doesn’t mean freezing temps will continue long enough to prevent her body from decomposing. It’s not the middle of winter.

  17. I worry that this will secure Zara leaving the villa. Even if she doesn’t get blowback for spilling the secret (which she shouldn’t, but let’s be real-they’ll probably gaslight her and tell Zara it’s her fault), Liv will now go to Spencer, Ellie will get Tom, and I don’t think she has a chance with anyone else :(

  18. Ellie won’t go for Tom if Liv tells her what he’s been saying behind her back 👀

  19. I think ur underestimating how much Ellie wants a spot in that villa. Ellie will go with anyone who picks her.

  20. I’m sure she wanted to tell Liv just as much as Zara, and knew Zara would do it for her 🤣

  21. Nah she’s doing it for drama?? Liv is hurt either way, that’s not on fucking zara what ???

  22. Who’s the guy in the first picture?

  23. Yeah it’s just a hypothetical question. I do think at least one will die by the end of the series though.

  24. Popular girl??? I don’t know about all that…

  25. Well how would Nat survive for months on end if she’s not participating? I think it’s safe to assume they didn’t just resort to cannibalism for fun. They need to eat to survive. What is Nat surviving off of that whole time?

  26. Well, when they spill blood, they seem to receive food (bears and deer). I think it’s possible spilling blood was all that was necessary for their survival, not cannibalism, yet they nonetheless engaged in ritual (not survival based) cannibalism.

  27. Oh yeah that would make sense. So like, if the others spilled blood (killing each other), they would get food (animals not humans), which Nat would eat, and not engage in the cannibalism. Edit: wait, is it realistic for animals to be coming to them during the winter (honest question lol I have no clue). I know bears hibernate but that’s about it - I feel like the show has, and will continue to not confirm any supernatural element outright, which I think that would do if animals randomly showing up was strongly against science.

  28. I think they all took part. That is what group psychosis does. Nat I think was the first or one of the first who woke up and said enough. Maybe all of them do but are all guilty.

  29. Yeah, I agree with them all taking part… Because how would they have survived if not? They’re in Canada, winter conditions probably last around a third/half of the year, right? And if some of them didn’t take part, I don’t think those ones made it out alive.

  30. wasn’t able to watch today’s episode yet, do we think zara has any chance of staying with another new girl? :(

  31. As it stands, I reckon the next recoupling could see Zara, Liv or Ellie at risk. Basically anyone Tom has fucked around with, he’s like a walking curse

  32. Lol. Ugh I hate that Aaron will still be here after this recoupling. Most irrelevant Islander ever.

  33. I hate this for Zara, wish there was a chance at a new guy for her.

  34. Yeah, I don’t see how she stays unless her/Tom stay together 😭 which sucks bc I want her to get rid of Tom. But Aaron deffo isn’t picking her for a friendship lol.

  35. I love Zara, but I do think for the most part he has been good to her. One major MAJOR exception to that being tonight by choosing Liv for face. After all of the shit that has gone down between those three, that was ridiculous. But I think Tom does put up with her attitude way more than most other guys in there would.

  36. Zara has her moments but the way the villa came after her was hard to watch.

  37. Yeah, we had Olivia and Ellie kiss him, Aaron chose her for one of the bad ones (i forget), Tom fucking chose Olivia for face. And they already know the girl has a temper. That just seemed intentional.

  38. Great pic but where is Lu? I know she was probably (probably still is) pretty busy but still.

  39. Wdym “but still”. This doesn’t look like any official promo or official cast pic, so her being busy when this pic was taken seems believable enough to me.

  40. I mean, his perfect partner has Lana's personality and Olivia's face with Zara's body so it's not a total reach.

  41. Yes, that is his perfect partner in response to the question, which is designed to cause drama… do you this lad would’ve just muttered that out had he not been fucking forced to in the challenge? It is a total reach from what he said.

  42. Some of y’all live in another universe. I’m always amazed at how invested people get into these people that you have blinders on. Him choosing Olivia for face is already wrong, Lana for personality two strikes. If you had a man and he chose you for nothing but body, I would hope you respect yourself enough to say what the fuck. This is a slap in the face to Zara

  43. Yes, I’m the one who lives in another universe for suggesting that a dumb 23 year old didn’t use the correct formula to answering a Love Island challenge question that’s intended to cause drama. My apologies, I should’ve known every douchey guy in the UK studied Luca’s response last season.

  44. I don’t think Misty will kill Walter. I think she will realize that he is her perfect match and he will rekindle the hope of a happily ever after.

  45. Interesting… although I don’t think Misty is the way she is because of “lost hope”, I think homegirl is just a sociopath😭 but I can’t say I wouldn’t enjoy watching that LOL.

  46. The fact they are leading over Zara and Tom. Mind you I don’t even like Zara and Tom like that but at least Tom picks Zara everytime can’t say the same for others....

  47. Eh, I don’t like Ron/Lana, but he’s still chosen Lana at every opportunity yet too.

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