1. It was predictable and stupid. And we didnt get any idea with Justine and Noelle were thinking. They each got two confessionals while Jesse and Cody were in double digits each. Women still getting shafted in the editing room. Probably cuz none are invited in.

  2. Yup. Spent 20 minutes on Cody’s bead adventure but couldn’t slip in a cf about why the boot is voting for who they’re voting for.

  3. I don’t see how with their tongues cut out. Hope that story doesn’t make it to screen tbh

  4. Yeah I figured the tongues made it unlikely. And wdym… hopefully blood and cheese don’t make the screen?? Don’t see how that’s possible considering how major of a moment it was.

  5. Just because I’m a parent and I think I’ll find it really upsetting to watch :)

  6. Understandable.. but it sets off a chain of events that is so vital to the story, I don’t see how they could do without it happening. You can always fast-forward.

  7. Don’t like Alicent at all, but it is never that easy lmao. If you’re saying that if you were FORCED to pick one person most responsible it would easily be her, I could hear you out, but to say the entire sequence of events is solely Alicent’s fault is quite mindless. It’s far too complex of a situation to easily blame on one person. Although some of the blood is definitely on her hands.

  8. The whole family drama for the students is non existent. Was awesome to see the struggles of Nadia and Omar with their parents. Guzman and his dad. Rebe and her mum. Carla and her dad. Even Caye and her family was all part of a larger picture of each character.

  9. I mean there was an entire storyline about Patrick hooking up with Ivan’s dad, as well as Ivan’s other issues with his dad… the Blanco’s definitely have had their fair share of family drama. And we know nothing of the new characters families? I’ll admit Isadora and Philippe didn’t have much family content, but I don’t think it would’ve added much to the story.

  10. Lol honestly these plots are quite weak compared to what we saw before. They are also very peripheral to their stories.

  11. Wasn’t there a whole thing in S4 about Ari/Patrick being close and Mencia not being super close with them?? I’m not arguing that the current version is better than the first couple of seasons, but it still focuses on the same types of content as before - just not executed as well.

  12. I wonder whether Indian society, even today, will tolerate portrayal of the kinds of sexual encounters one sees in the Spanish original or if they will have to tone it down and have all the same-sex encounters occur behind closed doors.

  13. Yeah I wonder the same. Probably won’t watch if they censor the same-sex relationships (if there are any lol) and show less of their intimacy than the straight couples.

  14. Cordarelle or Drake London, PPR?

  15. PPR, Antonio Gibson or Michael Thomas?

  16. Michael Thomas or Antonio Gibson, PPR?

  17. Michael Thomas (@CAR) or Antonio Gibson (vsPHI) in PPR?

  18. She did try to escape but the High Sparrow wouldn’t let her leave.

  19. To be fair I don’t think she was surviving even if she had escaped… seemed like that explosion took out like a 5 block radius and she only caught on to Cersei’s plan in the final minute

  20. I personally would rather be killed with a taste of freedom than be trapped someplace knowing I'm going to die. Last things she saw were her brother and father getting blown up and then her las thoughts were probably "I need to get out of here" and "This is it" when the explosion first started. Terrible spot for her.

  21. Fair, I’m the opposite though lol. Dying after nearly escaping sucks. And the explosion blew them up in like second, she definitely wasn’t thinking about seeing her brother and father dying, as she wouldn’t have seen them die as she would’ve died simultaneously.

  22. That was Laenor on Seasmoke?

  23. Ertz just murdered that security guard

  24. Oh my god they took swift out. Least surprising but most frustrating thing yet today.

  25. Waddle or Michael Thomas in PPR?

  26. Swift, Waddle, MT. PPR, Pick 2. Was 99% on Swift and waddle up until today hearing swift will get limited usage.

  27. Shocked how long it took me to find someone else who said Sarah from Cagayan! That vote literally had me clapping along with Tony in bed in the middle of the night LOL - perfect set up… It was the second season I binged (after Redemption Island), and it was definitely was the moment that sucked me into the show.

  28. Yeah not sure why, it’s super annoying..

  29. 16 Team PPR. Starting AJ Brown, need to decide between Michael Thomas (vsTB) or Jaylen Waddle (@BAL) as my WR2… not that it makes a difference, but in my other league I’m starting MT and facing Waddle, so part of me just wants to full send on MT and hope Waddle has a bad week. What do you think?

  30. I personally would go with CEH

  31. Pick 2 - PPR: Michael Thomas, Brandin Cooks, Cordarrelle Patterson

  32. I definitely wouldn’t sell Swift…

  33. I need a whopping 2.2 from Noah Fant in PPR… literally just two 1 yard catches will do.

  34. I need Fant to only get outscored by Schultz by 11 or less… seems realistic

  35. PPR, Pick 1: Brandin Cooks, Michael Thomas, Darnell Mooney.

  36. I would say Brown. I genuinely see him being a top 5 WR this week.

  37. Have the same exact dilemma.. as of right now I think I’ll start Gibson but MT is really tempting

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