1. This is soooo high-quality music, and I'm livin' for it! The way you composed this music is like the song is trying to simulate an immersive world of which this music is living in. I don't know if that made sense, but it was immersive! LOL! I love it!

  2. Right off the bat, the music itself is good, but needs some improvement in terms of mixing and such. The chords you used were nice, I like it especially with this RnB type of a song — I think it goes on well. The only thing I wished was done is the drums, the volume of those drums in the back. The drum pattern is really solid, I just don't feel enough of that vibe for me to vibe along with the other instruments involved. The way your vocals flow with the beat was pretty substantial, and it goes super well with the beat. Your vocals is kind of off-key at times, but you nailed majority of the notes. Overall, good music. There's always a room for improvement. Keep it up.

  3. I don't think there's anything you could ask for with this honestly. It's very beautiful and I love the harmonies because it's all on point. I see you having a lot of potential and I hope you work hard on it. Have a nice day!

  4. If the vocals were better mixed, I would've dug into this much more than I would've imagined! Maybe it falls into the subjectivity of someone's musical taste, but as for me, I kind of prefer a more crisp and clear vocals than this. Even so, it might've been a bit better to balance your vocals alongside the music. It kind of resonates too much, I don't know. The production, however, is next-level good! I love the music and the things that you did to make it sound unique. That's about it. Keep up the good work!

  5. I love the way you used this sample and incorporate it with the beat to mitigate the feeling of that immersion as you drift off towards your inner thoughts and so. That kind of Lo-fi vibes for sure. The only thing that kind of bothers me is that abrupt cut in the sampling, in the vocals when the audio said "someday" and then it cuts ever so suddenly. Personally, I would've lengthen that a bit further so that it doesn't sound that way. Overall, though, I really love the vibes that the song is going for! Keep it up!

  6. This is your first?! Looking forward to more for sure!

  7. Awesome! I love how you kind of played with the volume to "muffle" or like "stifle" the sounds — it felt like the instrument of brief silence was used very well there. I just wished the drums had a little bit more... variety if that made sense? Because of which, it kind of felt like it was getting slightly repetitive. Other than that, melodies are straight up fire, I feel like the mastering of this beat was very nice. Great Job!

  8. Yeah, that could work. So as long as everything fits and complements together.

  9. I feel what you're trying to get into, y'know the feeling of like being one with nature and appreciating the beauty of what's around us and it's like giving me a feeling that I should appreciate the things around me more. However, I am not too sure about the things that surrounds the synths (water droplet effects etc.). Personally, the presence of water kind of clutters the sound more than it should so I would not remove but instead lowering down the volume to which it won't feel like a "part" of the sound but more of like the "background ambience" of the sound. The synths were pretty okay, I guess. Just some bit of work with mixing and you should be all good.

  10. YOU. HAVE. A. TALENT! Holy macaroni and cheese! This song... where do I start? The lyricism, the beat, the visualizer, you have it all! All you need is just for you to get viral and I promise you, your talent won't be put into waste. This song is soooo unique! You just earned a sub bro. I hope you become a very successful man in the future. Cheers!

  11. The most professional beat I've seen in this subreddit at the moment. I loveeee that 808s 'cause it just matches so well and it fills up that crucial, empty spot in any kinds of song and you did that really well. I don't see any kinds of mistakes, really (well, coming from a listener standpoint because my skill levels as a producer is pretty inferior compared to this). I like it!

  12. The music prod. itself is pretty well-made, I would say. I get the vibes and the feeling that you are trying to convey and the music helped on that matter. However, the key of the instruments and your voice doesn't seem to match together. As one of the Redditors said, you could change the key of your voice to match the vibe of where the music is going for. Other than that, it's a very promising song! Nice!

  13. Hey! I just finished this one like earlier today and I wanna know what's your take or anything like feedbacks and something that I could improve on. I'm still a beginner (technically LMAO) so my apologies if there is anything basic that I missed. Thankies!

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