1. You can get a battery at at smoke shop. No need for a dispensary.

  2. I've called a few shops and none of them had luster batteries. Do you know of any thay do?

  3. I'm tripling your budget, but for something solid but still capable of offering a quality ride my mind heads over to something like the Surly Long Haul Trucker.

  4. Checking in for fc cincinnati for Sunday

  5. I'll take an FC Cincinnati slot. My gamer tag is cstemmer0905. Thanks!

  6. Nailed it. Hell of a call from what was posted. My go to spot for getting a round in.

  7. Old hole 9, now 11 (I think). Your UK sweatshirt was a quick hint that you were probably at least near this area.

  8. I thought the sweatshirt might help. I saw the ice bowl was there this weekend. I had considered playing but not sure if I'm ready for a tournament yet haha. It is one of my goals for 2020 to play in a tournament.

  9. Im with a group of 15 fcc fans in Toronto. Anything happening pregame in Toronto?

  10. I have a set that I'd part with. A few of the swooshes need some touch up on the paint but otherwise in great condition.

  11. I'm also interested in these if you are still selling them. Send me a listing if you have one. Thanks.

  12. I would get fitted tbh I got fitted after playing those and got completely different clubs

  13. Yeah, I was thinking that's probably the best way to go. Just trying to be lazy first haha. Thanks

  14. Cool idea Taylor Made. I broke my wrist and haven't been able to play for two months. So this would be awesome when I can play again.

  15. I'd give Glenview a call. With 27 holes and they sit up on a hill, they might have a course ready to play.

  16. That's a good call. I'll give them a shout. Thanks!

  17. I would be in as well. I'd be happy to split costs.

  18. I re-read your text. It looks like you are asking if your mom can 'receive two social security checks'.

  19. This is exactly what I was looking for. Perfect. Thank you.

  20. This was my question on ksr haha. I was pissed I lost to Todd the bod.

  21. Originally Cal wanted only neutral court games, not home and home like we've been doing for the past 45 years, and then later rejected a four year, 2 neutral, 2 home and home option. He just wasn't on board and that's what I was referring to.

  22. 45 years? We played in Louisville in 04 and Indianapolis in 05.

  23. These coins are held in the dogetipbot, accepting the coin automatically sets up your accoun, you can then withdraw from the tipbot to your wallet once it is synched or you can tip it out from your tipbot account. More info here

  24. Man, what a great idea. I don't have enough dogecoins to make a difference, but once I get a paycheck friday I'll make sure I have some extra money for that.

  25. also, the bot's in realtime right now and I'm feeling generous. who wants some dogecoins? :)

  26. Who says no to freebies? I'll take some please.

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