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  1. Just peeking into discussion as an owner of Plug S, who will soon add it to HA

  2. Check out Remedy games (Alan Wake, Quantum Break, Control).

  3. Hi, I'd like to ask you one detail since you bought it. Did you get 120 months of insurance or the lifetime insurance after upgrading it? For me upgrading just states Cutter as a "standard upgrade", not as a Warbond.

  4. Yes, it wasn't warbond upgrade, and it retained same insurance that was on mustang

  5. Alright, it is still fair, I think. Thanks for a quick reply!

  6. Depends what you think as of new stuff. There's new abilities (but also SoP added couple, can't remember if WoD had some), there's new abilities with Hugr, those are pretty fun. And also new armor sets and weapons, which every paid DLC also added.

  7. ahh ok. sounds cool. i dont know if its real but i heard about a teleportation assassination with DoR??

  8. Yes there is such a thing, altough I'm not yet unlocked it

  9. They actually did put effort in this.

  10. My understanding is that it's worse for hard drives to be stopped completely and restarted, than to just leave them idle. And I know a lot of people have SSD's, but not everyone does.

  11. It's not that bad actually, I still have somewhere Seagate 20gb drive from 2006 that is in fine working condition (altough actually I don't want to see what SMART would show 😂) that was used like that. Modern ones are even more prone to this

  12. Don't forget that SSD has no moving parts, so turning it on and off isn't an issue.

  13. Yes exactly, it just don't care about that. Altough, if you use your PC for storage too, then paying 100€ for 4TB hdd is much better then 400€ for 4TB SSD tough.

  14. Had GamePass over about a year since I bought XSX, when it ended, I didn't renew it, as all the time trough that year, I just been working trough my backlog, and playing games I want to play, not games that are available from GPU.

  15. It's pretty simple. In general if you more story, then yes, they add couple of hours (I think around 10+ each). If you want new gameplay etc, then sadly they are just same as main game, altough Siege of Paris added couple new abilities.

  16. Come on Jonsbo, give us a 8-bay one with mATX next please!

  17. Why do Asus need to put rgb everywhere? Especially on psu

  18. Isn't obvious? For overclocking and FPS boost.

  19. Sure thing, racing stripes of PCMR

  20. Should you want to buy it? Or just need someone of reddit to justify your purchase?

  21. There I can't help out, as I'm now only finishing Francia, and Ragnarok is next on line.

  22. Price cut because of discounts, pretty good advertisement from most tech tubers and reddit people, and because it's best gaming chip on AM4 platform makes it pretty demanded chip. Bought one myself as an upgrade from 2600, and gains for my use case are impressive

  23. Don't get me wrong, but Ubi is business first, customer second. Also if we look at other brands no matter what field, it's a common pattern nowadays post covid. Companies just saw that people will buy no matter what inflated prices they set, so they saw opportunity

  24. That's why you buy normal cases, not ideally good looking Skandinavian minimalism design hotbox

  25. Dont be talking down on my peoples good design philosophy, its on the end user. Got a H510 Flow myself and got top, rear, and front fans mounted. Idk what OP has done.

  26. It could be just motherboard design, that have heatsinks a bit bigger then intended. Also by the looks that looks like a standart 25mm fans, but still, from OP description it not clear he brags about fans or CPU power cable (wich definetly should have been routed before motherboard was bolted to standoffs)

  27. Ah damn it, I'm just a 137h deep, still in Francia, still many things to do 'till Dec 6th

  28. Fist thing I do when I replay is get that Arabian

  29. Did that on my first playtrough. While horse is fine, I wasn't fan of how small it is (really wisible in Saint Denis when you ride alongside John to cemetery, it looks like a pony).

  30. Why wouldn't it? It can't give out more then 5V, and most likely can't give out more then 1A or 1.5A too, so forget about fast charging

  31. Depends on you. I would go for premiums, as you can convert them to standart anytime if you don't need features from premiums. Price diff isn't that big in overall scope

  32. I don't really understand what extra features they offer

  33. Premium came with joystick/hat combo, and thumbstick also were multivay hat if I rember correctly. Standart have normal 4way hat, and button at the thumb instead of hat. In the end it all depends on what you play and how many inputs you need at your fingertips.

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