1. Especially years before MeToo took off as a movement. Abusive men had practical immunity in Hollywood

  2. They still do. Just every once and a while they take advantage of the opportunity to clear out dead weight when the trouble they cause get ratioed by the money they make.

  3. I don’t agree with the politics of apartheid and genocide put forth by the Israeli government but I also recognize that thanks to Depp and Waldman it’s hard for Amber to be a regular person in most places. Or to have friends she can trust. Eve Barlow’s politics are trash but she is a good friend. Nothing is ever fully black and white but there’s a lot of people without critical thinking skills who demand it be that simple.

  4. BRB going to Sephora to smell Sauvage so I know what to look out for

  5. i truly think JD has brain damage from the amount of alcohol he’s consumed over the years

  6. It’s probably more the coke and heroin that made his brain Swiss cheese like.

  7. Well Epstein's dead and buried of course, more's the pity because it means he's not alive to spill who his clients were.

  8. Def the money laundering and drug trafficking through the Viper Room along with Anthony Fox’s convenient as hell ‘disappearance’. Fox was making too much trouble for people who didn’t want the books looked at by anyone. It’s funny how Depp went after Trump when they’re basically a mirror imagine. Back in the day just as Trump’s casinos was going to be given a Federal investigatory probe for his blatant money laundering it coincidently three Trump Casino executives die in a fishy helicopter crash. He then pinned all the crimes on the dead guys and slithered away.

  9. Yes, that's been bothering me a lot now during the war in Ukraine. I'm Polish so this war hits very close to home, literally and metaphorically speaking.

  10. Maybe Russia is always shown as the bad guy because they quite often ARE the bad guy.

  11. Rapists need to be sued for defamation whenever they claim that their victims are liars.

  12. The issue is not every victim has E Jean Carrol’s resources to sue Dolt45 for that very situation.

  13. Yes, Johnny Depp, one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world, does not have a PR team 🙄 /s

  14. He hired a guy who helped Trump out…on Waldman’s recommendation. JD definitely has a team. These asshats are why they’re working OT there and at Deripaska’s troll farms.

  15. Yyyyep, the whole reason we're in this spot in the first place is cause ol snaggle-face Jawny got himself a TEAM

  16. You just know she was doing something that she knew she shouldn’t have done.

  17. He’s almost our Mothra’s twin…and Mothra is supposedly all pug. We’ve seen his mom as my FIL took her from the breeder who was retiring her. She’s all pug. But we wonder who his dad is since Mothra at 4.5 months is as big as our 6 year old lady pug and bigger than his mommy. He does the ear thing all the time but it’s hard to capture.

  18. Soo needy! Ours would jump on our bed and put his bum right next to my face on my pillow 🥲 goodbye personal space

  19. We have two the older girl stretches across the pillows above our heads and our 4.5/5 month old male lays down the center between our pillows so he can touch both of us and his big sister in bed all at once.

  20. Calling an Arab anti-Semitic has always been hilarious to me when Arabs are technically Semitics themselves, but you know that’s their only line of defense against their war crimes

  21. People don’t get how it’s possible to feel that the Israeli govt is an apartheid state while also agreeing that the Jews have a right to exist. One doesn’t need to be at the cost of the other. It’s the same BS ultra religious faction there making things worse the same way fundamentalist Christians and Muslims worsen their own religions.

  22. Don Jr is such a huge downgrade. One you know he hogs the coke. Two mushroom dick can be genetic. Three too much flopsweat.

  23. Oh please, I don’t believe for one second that she didn’t know he was a Neo-Nazi. He kept Nazi memorabilia in his home office, you’re telling me in the five years they were married she never saw anything?

  24. Dumb speculation given Werner Von Braun-the guy who was largely responsible for Apollo reaching the moon was one of the Operation Paperclip Nazis brought over to exploit his knowledge. The Allies fought tooth and nail over who got which part of the Nazi brain trust.

  25. Side bar…Qualuudes were my mom’s drug of choice and she was still able to get them in my childhood during the 80s when she was dating bikers involved in drug trafficking. They were expensive but possible to get. I remember one of her bfs bitching that he wished she did coke because it’s cheaper.

  26. It’s so hard to watch this show and Zoey 101 after everything that happened behind the scenes.

  27. Wondering if Dan is really the one who knocked up Jamie Lynn the whole time.

  28. Cause we all knew about how predatory monsters burrow into show biz to take advantage of kids. Shirley Temple. Judy Garland. So many over the decades.

  29. Yeah I was definitely more a Winona person and I never liked how he treated her. It’s only as an adult that you see the grooming and shit. Makes sense later Winona has struggled with her own mental health and you have to wonder how much is damage from him.

  30. When I was growing up in the 1990s his name was practically synonymous with "trashed hotel room." This uwu stuff is breaking my brain.

  31. Exactly. I was a 13 year old goth when River Phoenix died and as much as Depp did movies o like with Tim Burton like Ed Wood I never forgot his sketchy involvement there/all the Kate Moss drama. Now I just can’t justify supporting the monster he clearly is.

  32. He got a platform because his uncle is Cenk Uyger, founder of the Young Turks, and he gave him one.

  33. I commented that it’s hard to get that kind of mania she’s exhibiting without some chemical assistance. Coke heads and other uppers addicts are usually super grandiose like this.

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