1. What is a vanguard? I've never heard that card type before?

  2. Older cards, present before start of the match and have effects that affect gameplay, most were staple characters from brothers war era.

  3. …ever hear of Mirage? The entirety of Jamuura is based on Africa. The block originally came out in the 90’s.

  4. Hannibal definitely wasn't white. Whether he's black, Arab or mixed is still up to debate, but white isn't on the short list of possibilities

  5. Came here to drop this bit about Hannibal. Based on what we know now it’s highly likely Hannibal was black.

  6. Carthage was far removed from Phoenicia by the time of his birth. By that time Carthage has been established in Africa for many generations.

  7. In 20 years I have yet to meet a physician who is inputting the info needed for an insurance claim as a regular part of seeing a patient.

  8. Yeah but I wonder if the reverse is also taking place. My wife’s PCP(young lady) literally opens up some app, goes down a list asking her questions, opens a drop down menu to input the responses, and then makes recommendations based on whatever the app says. It’s damn near WebMD with extra steps.

  9. Tbh I wouldn’t mind. Don’t take this the wrong way…but I miss Greek Kratos.

  10. A mix. The Egyptian gods had just as much drama going on as any other pantheon, and exactly how they are would depend mostly on how they are depicted by the writers. Egyptian mythology is rather interesting, I’d be really excited to see how they treat the Osiris/Isis/Set story.

  11. I'm beginning to fear that Atraxa is the new Rusko 😫 I've actually never insta conceded to Rusko (came close a couple of times, but I decided to fight the good fight), but last Friday I played and lost to like three or four Atraxa decks in a row and lost to all of them (my win rate against Atraxa is 50%, it was just a bad streak) and I actually did scoop to the next Atraxa cuz I had just had enough of that, thank you.

  12. I must either suck or play too many different decks because I have not seen Atraxa except once, which was a mirror.

  13. I play the new rat commander when I’m tired of atraxa.

  14. I’m surprised he’s not more popular. It’s almost like they specifically designed the card for the “rat colony” niche of the player base

  15. Correct Toralf can shoot people in the face. And torbran/Solphim I believe trigger on every trigger of Toralf.

  16. …I think you’re right, seems like I remember an old episode of gameknights where someone pulled a similar combo with Toralf and [[Kaervek the Merciless]]

  17. Are you lost? What could have possibly led you to believe that your comment wouldn’t be a controversial statement in THIS sub?

  18. The poster did say semantically. As in technically, she is an African American, but she not black.

  19. African Americans are Black ppl who are the descendants of slavery in this country. NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE AFRICAN AMERICAN.

  20. You’re not AA(by your own admission) because you are not from Africa, you’re from the Caribbean. That would make you “Caribbean American”.

  21. I really really wish we would stop using racism as a shield for Black people doing shitass things.

  22. I think the poster was slightly off. The issue isn’t that he posed with a gun, it’s more his overall behavior suggesting the man has unhealthy and likely violent tendencies.

  23. I'm still getting more info and understanding of the situation. So I'll take that I might be off.

  24. I should’ve been clearer, the Twitter poster, not you lol. Thank you for sharing with us, OP!

  25. Okay, but there were definitely black people in Europe during the Middle Ages.

  26. Certain parts. Took Iberia for 800 years. Lots of interaction in the Mediterranean. Not to say that they weren’t there, but they didn’t represent the overall picture of those people or places.

  27. Another thought on something I didn't notice. But they mentioned this game would take place in Eastern Europe. Now idk about you, but when I picture an Eastern European person, they don't really fit into one neat mold. In my experience, Slavic peoples don't really match the Western image of 'whiteness' that is often presented. Maybe your Poles, Austrians, and Czechs, but less so for Serbs, Croats and Greeks.

  28. You’re right, and I guess it would depend on the specific regions they’re depicting.

  29. You’re looking at the man’s private texts and comparing them to the circus he ringleads for a living. Totally different.

  30. Only combination that's worse is a German Shepard and punisher skulls.

  31. My German Shepherd only rocks the Bat symbol.

  32. French here, Strikes are very organized event where the gouvernement, syndicates, and people agree on a date and time to pacifically protest. Blocking road, access, etc…. Gouvernement is limiting that because you are not getting paid when you re on a strike. And money is tight for the working class… so most people cant afford to be heard anymore.

  33. Quick question from an American, regarding the original post - how is Macron the “most hated man in France”?

  34. The fact that he is forcing his way to pass a law that 90% of people dont want is a good reason He was also elected because his oponent was worst than him… (extreme right wing) He is on the right wing and loves money and will do his best to make rich people richer.

  35. Thank you for your response, I’m really interested to see this from the French perspective vs as a foreigner so I can understand it in the appropriate context

  36. Thank you for sharing! Hadn’t really thought much about the few copies of Hellraiser I’ve acquired so far, but looking at your write-up gives me ideas.

  37. Their point is that Tucker is being dishonest by only showing a curated montage when he has the ability to show the whole footage. If Tucker's claim is true, there is no need to cherry-pick.

  38. Personally, I feel like you’re all making good points here. Let’s keep discussing.

  39. People often laugh at 'common sense' being written down.

  40. Lol what? 😆 lay off the religious bullshit please and prove me wrong

  41. ….um…ok. Never mentioned religion. At all. Sex is not guaranteed to you as a member of society. Society offers a place for us all to come together, work, and provide for ourselves and our families in a (hopefully) secure fashion.

  42. No one said it was guaranteed (except you), I said when society isn't having it, that the lack of is a sign of a unhealthy society. I know nuance isn't your specialty but come on man

  43. You said it was “fundamental human interaction” which is only true if the goal of that interaction is procreation. People don’t have to have sex in order to enjoy life, and people not being promiscuous or having pointless intercourse with strangers is not a sign of “sick society” as you put it. Maybe people are tired of useless relations and having their bodies treated as objects of gratification? Maybe some of us exist above our basest instincts and actual find more comfort in intellectual and emotional pursuits.

  44. I was thinking about writing a comment in this post, but I couldn't write one better than yours.

  45. And here I was thinking about writing this same reply to their comment. You beat me to it lol

  46. How about we first try means testing for Medicare. Warren Buffet doesn't need it. Neither does Bill Gates, Oprah, Tony Fauci, etc.

  47. Medicare benefits are kinda crappy to start, and those who made a certain amount have to make IIRMA payments to balance it. Additionally, if they don’t sign up when becoming eligible, if they ever do sign up they’re subject to a part D penalty based on how long they were eligible and didn’t sign up. Whole system needs an overhaul.

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