101st Airborne Division has been deployed

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. finishing my first class story, was pretty cool.

  2. Cion and his brothers (other main). usually independent so they tend to be bounty hunters or scoundrels.

  3. Nod for the memes and Kane but...

  4. Magic Arena suffers from what any online card game suffers from. META decks.

  5. Peace and Order will be restored throughout the galaxy!

  6. that's American for: "don't F w us Russia"

  7. Please nationalize it over national security concerns. That would be hilarious.

  8. Legally speaking, such action could be in the realm of possibilities.

  9. if this is true, recent, and coordinated, it gives me bad feeling. If one of those qualifiers is missing, I would not worry about it.

  10. As a father I have a hard time understanding how someone would do the math and decide they should volunteer. Having a dad isn’t a luxury. It’s critically important to the upbringing of those five kids. This is heartbreaking.

  11. Sometimes, most of the time, it's not about math, but something inside you compels you to do stuff (whether for your family or someone else).

  12. If there was a suicide truck bomber, i hope they achieve saint like status.

  13. if it was a truck it's way more likely that the drive did not know he was on a one way trip. These types of sabotage usually use/hire normal drivers under the guise of some company carrying some "normal" cargo and then are remotely detonated.

  14. General Hodges is basically the upmost expert on a macro level of Eastern Europe, Ukraine, and Russian military capabilities that is available to the public.

  15. "Once again – I have no idea how generalisable this is. My unverified hunch is that such attitudes are regrettably fairly common. But maybe not."

  16. The right people at the right place at the right time with proper equipment can save lives. I'm glad they recorded it.

  17. It's interesting that he believes Ukraine will return to the pre- Feb 24 frontlines before the end of the year. That to me seems a bit optimistic, especially with winter approaching. I seriously doubt that Russia will give up southern Ukraine without a fight.

  18. well, considering that this man is more knowledgeable on this topic than all of us combined, i believe his opinion requires a closer look.

  19. I was so happy to hear all the things that people say to justify not sending Abrams and other heavy vehicles are “excuses, not reasons”.

  20. after listening to a lot of higher US officials statements and answers to questions, I became convinced 3 months ago that the objective of the US is not to help Ukraine win the war, but to cause just enough pain to Russia to "encourage" both parties to a diplomatic solution.

  21. thank you, I've been looking out and waiting for an expert analysis on this.

  22. As stupid as this lady is..., this is hardly news about Ukraine.

  23. thanks for the post. you get my upvote for the post and for negating the guys that will still shoot the messenger.

  24. for the reasons already described here, invasion is unlikely.

  25. military actions seem to be 95% walking, redeploying, waiting, and 5% action.

  26. “I love the Ukrainians (because they’re killing my archenemy, not because I care about their sovereignty) as long as they don’t use my taxpayer dollars.” - FTFY

  27. "I pretend to read what the comment said, then insert my own opinion on it and claim it was in the original comment when it clearly was not in the original comment"

  28. So what did you achieve by saying that? You implied that because they’re corrupt and poor, that the only reason they can pass a budget is because of foreign aid, whilst calling the country corrupt without recognizing how corrupt the West is, especially the US. You achieved nothing except undermining the Ukrainian position by passing your western values with arrogance and foolishness.

  29. see, there is the disconnect. you ask "what did you achieve by saying that?" as if any and all discourse MUST have some sort of ulterior motive. While I recognize that such mindset is very common and prevalent, I disagree that such is the only way to discourse.

  30. United States: We will support Ukraine. We will not dictate what they need, they are on the ground.

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