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  1. It's actually normal depending on mental age. Laws differ in different cultures.

  2. Moving sucks and there's always a 'penalty', in that Google takes a while to fully realise what's happened. Do it all as quickly as possible and set up 301 directs.

  3. Do you have Ikea where you are? Where I am, Ikea have double mattress protectors that start at £4. They’re decently thick and have always caught my ‘overflow’ so to speak.

  4. Mattress protectors are essential for all genders 100% of the time

  5. Nicknames are stupid tho... Just use your assigned name like everyone else /s

  6. would definitely side-eye anyone in their 30s who used neopronouns. You can be happy with "they / them" tyvm, those are words for humans.

  7. I'm definitely more likely to side-eye someone for policing the words others use to feel comfortable about themselves.

  8. I'm not policing anything. I'll even use your neopronouns. I merely will consider your use of them a reflection of your character.

  9. So a couple can be shagging legally, then one of them has a brithday, and suddenly it's illegal for them to shag, then legal again a year later? Seems like a needlessly complicated system.

  10. plenty of other countries have so-called 'romeo and juliet' laws that permit 15 y/os to fuck each-other without permitting 30-year-olds to also fuck them.

  11. If someone's not mature enough to consent to fuck a 30 year old, why are they mature enough to consent to fuck a 20 year old?

  12. You'd put two 15 year olds having what they think is fully informed consensual sex in jail? To what benefit? Give em free condoms instead, I say

  13. For Christ’s sake! Strippers aren’t monsters. They are just women. Perhaps you shouldn’t have one night stands or eat out strangers generally, but treating strippers like they are somehow dirtier than any random woman that would let you do that the night you met her is bullshit

  14. agreed with this. Fuck these whole comments. I know that the three women I've had significant relationships with fucked a whole bunch of people before they met me. No reason to think that a stripper would defacto be more likely to have STDs than them - in fact the stripper is probably hyper-vigilant about inspecting herself and getting tested

  15. Yes. If your girlfriend says that she has been raped, you are supposed to believe her. Please take this on-board. If your girlfriend says her boss is mean to her, you're supposed to believe her, and if she says she's been raped you're also supposed to believe her. If you're going out with someone who you think would bullshit to you about being raped then you need to split up with them and question why you're getting into relationships with reprehensible bellends, or perhaps consider that you have some trust issues.

  16. Her ex-husband is a prick though, they can always try again, but no, he held their marriage hostage so she had no choice but to choose between her brothers life or her marriage, but she didn't choose him and his ego couldn't handle it, nobody that loves you should ever put someone in that position.

  17. Her ex-husband lost a baby. You hear about how people grieve miscarriages? This is far worse than a miscarriage for ex-husband. This is like miscarriage murder. Have some empathy

  18. Working regular jobs are just dooming most of us to poverty with their lack of keeping up with inflation.

  19. Hah! I'm earning about £60-70k through self-employment as a small business owner and I wfh getting stoned and adamantly refusing to work more than 37.5 hours a week. Compared to when I was on £16k commuting to work so I could work my bollocks off in a suit in an office, before coming home to do more essential freelance work so I could up my wages and start building a career, 60 hour weeks and I couldn't afford a can of beer. And things are harder now - this was 2009!

  20. Well I’ll be in Spain for a trip by myself and don’t know where else to start, maybe a taxi driver?

  21. buy from the people selling shitty jewellery and sandals on little pop-up stalls by the side of the road. Nobody buys that shit, they're just drug dealers in plain sight.

  22. Out of curiosity, which culture? Is it common to continue to be referred to by different names your entire life, or do people settle on a favored name and ask to only go by it?

  23. my fiancee goes by a different name than the one on her birth certificate, which we only use for official forms. In high school I had some friends - usually Chinese heritage - who had an ethnic name and then a western name, and we always called them by their western names. Which is a shame, in retrospect. One was called something like Ting Ling and were referred to by a boring western name 100% of the time. A couple of Muslim kids too were called 'Muhammad' and we called them by another name, might've been their middle name but still an Islamic name.

  24. I think it’s “real”, as in it happened. But the dad probably didn’t post this, the son did. The dad sounds like some mid 60s boomer, and how many are seriously on Reddit?

  25. boomers are old enough to be grandparents, great-grandparents or dead nowadays

  26. if you can, do the victims a solid. Get a message to your mum that the tickets are reported as stolen and see if she can be convinced to make contact with the buyers to refund them before the event date. Or at least so they know they'll get turned away at the door. I recently spent £80 on Phoebe Bridgers tickets from a scalper and if I get turned away then I'll have got really high and got in a taxi for nothing. Would be far worse than not going. (fuck scalpers)

  27. Exactly when I don't want to be dealing with unexpected shit and making new plans

  28. She has never worked for like 15-years or something due to her condition.

  29. take the money you've spent on her and give it to a charity that buys mosquito nets or fixes kids with cleft palates or something. If you want to be charitable and altruistic with your money, you will help far more needy people than just giving it to this one individual.

  30. Did you also drive 2 hours and search for another X hours to find formula?

  31. I'm in defence of 'her'! I'm opposed to the older people buying a case of formula and preventing people like her buying a reasonable amount of formula in a shortage. We still buy 8 litres of growing up milk at a time which is enough for a fortnight.

  32. When I lived by myself I had a trippy house! Tie-dye bedsheets, trippy wall art everywhere, loads of toys, disco lights, bubble machines....

  33. I’ll ask since no one else is… why in the fuck did you “just” (implying like you took this like right before typing this) take another 100 mg if you are aware of this whole situation.

  34. I hate to be all "what about the men" but I do think if OP wasn't lesbian they would've got a YTA as the automatic assumption is that male caregivers are not doing enough.

  35. I know it is. Google tells me that "bisexual" refers to people attracted to people of both sexes. The "bi" tells you two, and the "sexual" tells you relating to sexes. Is Google wrong?

  36. Curious how many stabbings the UK has every year? I thought knives were supposed to be illegal? Maybe everyone should be banned from having any sort of knife, why stop there though? A tent stake could be just as deadly, or what about a shard of glass? No more windows for anyone

  37. But carrying a knife is illegal? How come there’s still stabbings? I thought once things are illegal people will stop committing crimes with them

  38. Just like how all your felons are prevented from touching guns

  39. This just doesn't make sense to me though. The initial speed of a animals will allow it to run off out of tracking distance before you catch up.

  40. Humans started off on plains and savannahs. That's why we're like how we are, and not swinging from trees.

  41. Actually it seems like it was. He says she offered to make the cake because she knew a great recipe, and he encouraged her to do it even though his mom wasn’t excited about it (because mom doesn’t like her cooking obvs). Then he says SHE said she thought his mom would want salt rather than sugar. It seems premeditated and petty. OP is definitely the asshole in this marriage for not sticking up for his wife. And his mom is an AH as well. But I’m not gonna pretend i wouldnt be pissed if my husband offered to make my mom a birthday cake and fill it with salt on purpose. Wife was an AH for that. If someone constantly has a problem with my cooking, I’m not cooking for them anymore, period. I’m not gonna offer to bake just to sabotage it to make a point. That’s petty and childish, whether MIL deserves it or not. Too much effort for me honestly 🤷🏻‍♀️ just don’t cook for her anymore.

  42. I think there's a subtext where wife is 'expected' to do all the cooking (and cleaning), and this isn't getting pushed back against. Instead the issue is getting dealt with piecemeal.

  43. Hmm... making assumptions about me based on a random comment about making assumptions about people.

  44. You're claiming people are being accused of being bigots for not changing social media profile pictures. I've never seen this happen, certainly not at scale. Bigots like to pretend like there have 'reasonable concerns' and they often do so by lying and exaggerating, such as by suggesting that people are forced to change their social media pages to make tokenistic gestures towards black and gay people or face social exclusion, which is nonsense.

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