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  1. ER, even if you went before. If it’s an injury you didn’t notice, you need to get it assessed. The person who hit you is known I assume? Their insurance should be covering if so. Document everything. If something happens later on you want proof it happened then.

  2. Under 20 miles from Todd Kohlhepp’s property.

  3. Yes I got this! It now shows the correct length of 1 month left. Rumor is that it’s the 50ml $395 bottle but not sure, fingers crossed. I’m very thankful to be on this one, I’m obsessively into fragrance and have eyed the more expensive TF ones after testing.

  4. Sounds like they know their market 🤣, just going to round up some hot states, send ‘em some big fans right before summer, and sit back.

  5. Thank you! She is so sweet and has had kind of a rough history with her family life so we’re trying our best to make her feel welcomed and a part of ours now.

  6. This makes me feel so happy. It’s nice to be reminded that there are people who are kind to others without expecting anything back for it.

  7. Is this the same place where that guy chases a girl on all fours after she slaps him? The location looks very familiar Edit: Just checked, sadly no, not the same place...

  8. You can’t not link now, I need to see this

  9. Running in the heels on an uneven surface too! The height on stripper shoes can be as tall as 10” and my terrible eyesight thinks those are at least 6”. That’s the real sorcery going on.

  10. My dog gets tired after 30 mins and asks to be carried the rest of the way back home or he'll just stops walking.

  11. Mood. He’s got the system figured out.

  12. I was accused of abusing my dogs because I leave them in the garden when i go out for errands like go to the doctor or to buy bread. In the totally fenced garden with water, shade, beds, toys, no toxic plants and nothing dangerous at all.

  13. I feel like anyone sane with a fenced yard does this, and like you said, if the dogs have a secure enclosure with shade and water they’re fine. Growing up it was the norm to do this, it was the default in 90s suburbia. People are insane about the weirdest stuff now.

  14. Do you have any other symptoms of PCOS or risk factors? This is exactly what happens when I have a cyst burst. Sudden pain, goes away when it bursts, discharge that can look like blood or might be brownish. Was it on one side more than the other?

  15. Really cool, I think they did a great job with the inspiration pic!

  16. On March 18, 2023, Afraid_Ad_1536 left us. In life, they were a person. In lieu of flowers, send Fs.

  17. The Uncanny Counter had a corn dog spot instead.

  18. Right? 😂 Working the product placement in is funny and out of place a lot of the time lol. Kopiko, Subway, cars, and coffee pod machines are the ones I see everywhere.

  19. I swear, every kdrama seems to have Subway worked into a scene for advertising! Lol

  20. I tried calling my character It's Dittany Bitch and had to change it to Witch for this exact reason lol.

  21. I 100% agree with that! I had a wonderful stepfather. I was more referencing a subreddit here full of videos of men trying to save children from falling and completely missing. (I would tag it but I’m on mobile and inept.)

  22. Jesus those children look miserable in the second pic. I have never seen two young children look that miserable to be at an aquarium. Cover them in some dirt and they’d look like poor Victorian street orphans.

  23. My second son didn't poop for the first time for a week and a half. I took him to the doctor twice during that. Both times they said to wait it out and if it didnt hapoen at a certain point they'd do something. So one night I woke up and smelled what smelled like rotten milk. He was in the bassinet near my side of the bed. Took me a minute to figure out he'd pooped. It was the biggest poop! To this day this kid poops big ones. He's 17 now and has to have a poop knife or he won't be able to flush. My oldest doesn't poop like that. Weird. Edit: he was breast fed and I was feeding him plenty. He was growing at a normal rate.

  24. You have an actual poop knife? I know the poop knife tale, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone mention it seriously. Where does the poop knife stay? Do you wash the poop knife? Does he have a to-go poop knife?

  25. It stayed in the bathroom. It was washed after use but never left the bathroom and was destroyed anytime we would move. Wouldn't want to accidently mix up what knife it is. Idk about the to-go poop knife. 😂 I don't think he does. He just bombs public toilets when he has to, and I don't think he goes at friends' houses. Yeah, this kid has the biggest poops I've seen from someone. I asked his doctor many times about it, and they always said, "He just digests his food extra, I guess".

  26. Thank you for satisfying my poop knife curiosity 😂

  27. Ironically I was in a Subway in Quebec once, off the major highway, and the person behind the counter didn't speak any English, and my French is terrible. I needed a spoon for some soup, and my mind went blank on the word for soup. That was fun, trying to mime eating soup, lol. But we got through it and both smiled.

  28. I lived for 6 months in B.C, and have visited all provinces except Newfoundland, I can confirm that Quebecians are a special breed compared to other Canadians. There was a palpable atmosphere of nonchalant arrogance and sass as soon as I crossed into Quebec. It was so weird. One thing was road signs, in all other provinces, as far as I know, most road signs and information boards are in both French and English, in Quebec everything was exclusively in French. I was in Montreal for a few days, and almost no one I interacted with spoke English.

  29. Does this guy have more content on rogue waves? This is super cool

  30. idea #2 is great unless u have cats that love garbage

  31. You need to do a whole series of these, they are so fun and I love the expressions. Seriously love your style too, followed your IG and shop, please do prints!

  32. I felt so uncomfortable by the Malala question, just totally disrespectful and she looked so uncomfortable. It was really in poor taste.

  33. Man I was really hoping for this one, so happy for him!

  34. EEAAO is the first movie I’ve watched in years where I had that fully blown away feeling by the end.

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