1. It would be a happy surprise if one of the women selected Sang Chul. He is a great catch. I don't know why he is flying under the radar so much.

  2. Eeeeeeeeeek!!! The candy scene in the car had me squirming/squealing inside x_x. The 3 hosts(❤️) really heightened the scene with their reactions, lolololol. Can't wait for next week:D

  3. I found the word to describe my feelings for this episode and maybe this season. Meh. 😬

  4. Loved the scene where Ok Soon put Young Sik in his place, he was so unbelievably rude at the restaurant. Very funny how hes smitten with OS now though. I think OS is too turned off by the events, lol. My prediction: it's over between Ok Soon & Kwang Soo, preview seems like OS's confession is too late. KS looks tired, and he's favoring Young Sook, who is happy go lucky, radiating positivity with the least drama. She's like the girl you can break up with and still remain good friends with after. Everyone finds KS attractive, but i just find him pouty face and kinda bratty. Love Young Chul & Young Ja, I am hoping for a happy ending. Their date was the best and most thoughtful, the snowy creek & flowery bread was quite romantic ❤️. Young Ho overplayed dodge ball, the game was not enjoyable to watch at all. Jung Sook is looking a little desperate with little to no time left. Young Soo making the comment about preparing a more childish dessert was unsettling. Anyone else find this ep unsatisfying? They teased KS & OS having "the conversation" last week, teased it early this ep and ultimately didnt show anything but a few seconds teaser for next wk. I'm irked.

  5. Super annoyed with Kwang Soo. In his interview he said (in very cocky manner) how he knew Jung Sook liked him and he didn't like her, YET he still wastes her time in the morning AND he gets caught fishing around with Young Sook. I'm glad she glared at him, he deserved it. Ugh- don't fall for him JS >.<, you can do so much better. KS and Ok Soon fallout, imo it may be a rippling effect of KS not getting his way. Being a psychiatrist, he failed to get OS to open up to him on his time table(and he felt he invested a whole lotta time in her). He was pushy. I understand hes curious, but its a personal issue and you cant force ppl to tell you those kinds of things, they will tell you when theyre ready(he should alrdy know this being a psychiatrist!). Instead he took it as her dangling a carrot in his face and he wasn't having it (and hes upset she didnt choose him, it mustve hurt his man pride). Anyhoot, KS ultimately said goodbye(for now). For Hyun Sook, I felt bad her when she cried. She shouldn't regret the fact she was honest about the dogs during her introduction. The reality is that it's a dealbreaker for many, she just has to accept that going forward as it's her choice to have 4 dogs. The "right" guy will love her and her dogs, unfortunately don't think he's one of the guys on the show. I dont think Young Sook is serious, she doesnt know what she wants and seems like she's just trying to get picked by someone anyone by the end of the show. Young Ja and Young Chul, they are so perfect together(!!)... appearance wise. Unfortunately YJ doesn't like YC enough to bend for him. This relationship isn't going to work long term, she's a tough cookie and will need to meet someone she REALLY likes to soften up. I really like Sun Ja, but shes coming off soooo innocent! Being wined and dined, and offered to be flown across the country can be very attractive and exciting(esp someone in their 20s). He kind of came off as a father figure during their convo, it got a little bit weird... I wish them the best, but also worry for her.

  6. Anyone have this? Are the bristles on the longer or shorter side?

  7. I just got mine in today - I bought the Universal Nylon and Extra Small Pure Bristle. I would say the pure bristle is the standard length of a normal brush and the nylon is slightly longer. My hair is thinning on top but thick on the bottom, the pure bristle worked great all over and the nylon was able to get through the thicker parts with ease.

  8. I enjoyed these: I Am Solo. Love Catcher. Love is Blind Japan. Falling in Love Like A Romance Drama. Change Days. Transit Love. Heart Signal. Love Me Actually. Love Recall. Love and Joy. Hole in Love. Singles Inferno. Somebody. First Love Again. We Got Married(celebrity reality show).

  9. Also found at Gamestop yesterday with my daughter, it comes with 4 GO booster packs. GS had all 3 tins avail. Scored a Ditto and Mewtwo Vmax in the same pack! Gamestop cashier also gave her the GO Pikachu(in blue cap) promo card! It was an awesome day": )

  10. I got a Pikachu, Blissey and Snorlax at Walmart, and got a Dragonite Vstar in EACH one. I was sort of annoyed...

  11. Purchased a GO etb and best was Dragonite V : (

  12. What an episode, it was good: ) All the attention Kwang Soo received after intros made Ok Soon jealous and territorial. Ohhh- how the tables have turned, remember her being cold to him during breakfast...o.o. it was funny how the other men kept leaving the mens common area to leave those two alone. Loved and hated that the PD dropped the bomb💣. Kwang Soo and Ok Soon both acted immaturely as they were leaving. The preview did show Ok Soon had alrdy told Kwang Soo if they couldn't have a 1-1 date, she was possibly choosing someone else. Ok Soon did not blindside Kwang Soo, but he still called her out for making a dishonest choice which rattled her to act out childishly and losing her composure. Both of them were both rude and disrespectful to their counterparts. I'm glad Jung Sook called both of them out(!!), even if it was done in a half joking/half serious manner. Yes, Jung Sook chose Kwang Soo knowing he was interested in one woman, but shes confident in what she has to offer as a woman and is clearly not intimidated by Ok Soon. I hope Jung Sook cuts her date short, Kwang Soo doesn't deserve her time. To me, Kwang Soo is coming off as a sleezeball with his almost there smile, seems like he's playing psychological mind games right now. My fav male contestant: Sang Chul.

  13. I think the men were slightly put off by the fact that Hyun Sook has 4 dogs. And that her dogs are her children, so she would always put them first. Most men don't like to hear that.

  14. Agree. I found her intro most un appealing. Sorry, but who would want to be number five on her priority list.... hard pill to swallow right off the bat.

  15. Liked Quanmujin the most, they had the best vocals.

  16. Ep 1 and 2 review. Really liking this cast also <3. I'm rooting for Ok Soon. I kinda secretly loved that she didn't get any votes during 1st impressions with all the airplanes flying to her(!!!). Can you imagine how devastating it would've been if you were in her shoes!?!? How heartbreaking. Young Soo, the guy who's willing to fly you out whenever you want to meet even just for dinner... swoooon. Seriously, who wasn't swooning!?!? Lolololol. Sounds dreamy but the reality may be very different from the picture being painted. Funny how the preview showed everyone falling for Kwang Soo. Aggressively pursuing (Ok Soon) is good but only if you actually like guy, otherwise it starts feeling creepy stalker-ish. I love an intelligent and thoughtful guy, hope things work out for him... but then again id hate to be with someone constantly analyzing my every word and every move.... I cant wait for the rest of the guys introduction before picking my favorite. Lastly, feeding the meat ordeal >>> I'd feel super irked(and embarrassed) after feeling sooooo special only to hear 3 other girls say that the same guy fed them.... x _ X... #speechless #sucker #lol #iloveiamsolo

  17. Didn't get either of these in my etb. No gold. No radiants. No dittos.

  18. Same thing happend to me... called the police to file a police report only to be told his name is on the lease so im SOL.... A loser is a LOSER, pack up and leave that shithole. Sending you lots of hugs and love, oxoxoxoo.

  19. Available for order online only for me. Says either out of stock or not available instore: (

  20. Target doesnt list trading cards being in stores online. Shipping only from targets website

  21. Thanks! I recall seeing poke inventory listed as limited stock(no option to order for pickup) before. Fyi: I never found any of these poke products in stores when it was listed online as limited stock, I found it more of a waste of time.

  22. Younger. Im a 21 baby. My bag is a majority of makeup " : )

  23. I'm excited for the new season. I had no real attachments to the last cast. In the end I was happy for Kwang Soo/Sunj, and am glad it worked out. I do love how tangled feelings get in the show, its so real(!!!). Will update when I'm done watching :)

  24. I have the full goat version and got it for undereye concealer. I used a stick concealer then blended with the blush. The concealer has a thicker consistency, and quite a few hairs(7-8) came out the brush when I was used it for the 1st time blending the concealer: ( Thought I possibly got a bad brush.... the next few times i used it, I loss 0-2 hairs. Overall, think I should've got the i6451 for the job.

  25. I use a Smithfolio as well. I also have a tiny microfiber cloth and flat keep dry sachet in there also. The layout of the brushes in the Smithfolio is very pleasing to the eye and it makes it easy to view/find the brush you want. The outter material is black leather and a smooth gold tone zipper.

  26. I'm boring. I went with the waterproof Eyeliner. Theyre never waterproof, but let's try this one too : )

  27. Yes. For all the eyeliners I get, I don't really mind because I haven't found one I love, and I want to believe the perfect one is out there... I chose the sunscreen though. That's another product that has me on a never-ending hunt for the perfect one.

  28. Same <3. I was thinking I should've picked the sunscreen now. Another item with an endless search.

  29. Looks like a few finger prints here and there

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