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  1. I got my bird a big ass cage last year for $8 at goodwill. Very decent for a large cage. Would recommend thrift stores

  2. I see that too now that you mention it

  3. Those lil spiky bois come out as a defense mechanism when provoked

  4. He was keen on her (and they were communicating frequently) before her and her now husband started dating. My guess is he wanted his ego boosted in knowing she might still be keen too. Taking major chances. But also I’m in the middle of this so need outside perspective.

  5. If he wanted his ego boosted he could’ve picked anyone so why her

  6. I am not trying to be mean, but did he just settled for you to still have a chance to see her. I don't think I could stay.

  7. Oh my god i would go ballistic. I wouldn’t know whose life i would want to end his or mine

  8. I have this. It worked ok. I wonder where it went

  9. That’s alot of money thrown away too >:/

  10. Take him out of the pop box he can’t breathe !!

  11. Completely agree. I have no problems using whatever pronouns you prefer but I'm not a mind reader

  12. This. However if someone was mtf and you still “mess” up the pronouns, that’s a L on you (if it’s on purpose )

  13. I almost got hit a couple months back. I was making a left turn through an intersection, stopped at the red, when it was green i looked both ways anyways AND A FUCKING JUNK CAR FLEW PAST ME ALMOST HITTING ME i called my husband crying. People are so so so stupid and there’s at least i bet 70% of people who SHOULDNT be driving

  14. Every man knows you can't resist to look or have a glance to every beautiful woman you see. You know that's the work of our brain. It's our brain's fault, not ours lmao

  15. Huh i guess we aces do have something up our sleeve

  16. “Hi person who i never met only when i delivered something to u recently. I don’t have a package this time but thought god i have to come back and knock on this random woman’s door and freak her the fuck out and not be a regular person and meet someone in public say like a abt or library”

  17. im saying from my perspective , i don’t have to worry about things like that in america;)

  18. Ok but in this case the comment is irrelevant sooooo why bother

  19. I have NEVER heard of this and it should absolutely stop

  20. Tried watching some and the ones w girls are age restricted i guess. One was called panty inspector. I’m assuming the female ones are like that 🫥

  21. Yes, I am aware. Just that's usually for jobs that treat you with respect; that you are showing them respect in return. It's rare for a fast food place to not treat their employees like shit.

  22. Yeah I’d just say ✌️& dip. I left a job last year DEC 31 and had to work the next day on New Year’s Day ffs, my husband was going to Boot Camp FOR SIX MONTHS and i wanted to absorb every minute of him. I texted my boss i couldn’t come (at night time mind you way before the store opened) and she said ok find someone (?????? That’s YOUR job?????) i sent a i quit text lmao i was there for 6 mo and got promoted to key holder for ELEVEN DOLLARS. Fuck that noise. Btw this was hottopic lmao get fuqd Jasmine

  23. Op saying there's a chance the baby could be their brothers makes them banjos sing.

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