1. I guess it varies country to country. The 512gb Steamdeck from a third party in Australia costs $1150aud almost as much as the 512gb aya neo 2 i got for $1400aud.

  2. I mean, yeah. A country where it’s not sold is gonna be double MRSP. But that’s apples to oranges.

  3. Keyword "franchiseS". It's a volume game. In a single franchise, you will grind yourself into the ground to make minimum wage. 8-10 locations? Now we're talking.

  4. To add clarity to my comment. They only ever owned 2 at a time.

  5. I remember getting those stamps. Subway was legit good back in the late 90s and super early 2000’s. I think it went downhill after 2003/2004.

  6. The $5 foot long and $6 sub of the day were solid. After those got canned, there wasn’t much reason to go.

  7. I’ve seen. A few sets on marketplace and in buy/sell groups.

  8. How's the comfort for 4 adults and a toddler?

  9. CX9s are tiny with this many people.

  10. Check my flair 🤣 I loved mine and will buy another some day

  11. The ultimate road trip vehicle. Comfy, decent on gas and can haul ass if you need to.

  12. Can confirm you can get parts from ifixit in the UK so I'm sure they would ship to cannada, is their a Canadian version of the site?

  13. Yeah I ordered joysticks from ifixit Canada.

  14. I think they just sold faster than they're being produced. I managed to get them right before they disappeared on Amazon and I can't recommend them enough. You're going to have to watch the store and wait, or email the company and ask.

  15. got a link to where they are on amazon?

  16. LED bleed into the console seems pretty extreme, if that's what we're seeing in the photo. Would drive me nuts.

  17. Sorry I meant around the sticks. So bright. Screens look great. I have a steam deck and love the screen, so I imagine any Aya device screen would blow me away

  18. I would suggest posting it on eBay with timestamps/your username for a higher price than you want (eBay takes a huge cut) then maybe post it here to prove legitimacy.

  19. Was leaning that way as well but always conscious of opportunities to limit debt.

  20. What brands are they? It matters quite a bit.

  21. They really cut out Ode to the Mets from their setlist. Wack

  22. Pretty sure Julian doesn’t like playing it. Same reason they cut OWT for Fab. And play automatic stop still (albert).

  23. I don’t know for sure, but I believe we have a bylaw against having them in city limits. If you called bylaw or the non emergency line they may be able to give you Information

  24. This is correct. There have been petitions to try and get council to look at chickens. It won’t happen. Way too much responsibility for the average person.

  25. There’s a few things with this.. living in Canada where the temps are below freezing for a lot of the year (can’t really bike in the snow) plus having children that need to get hauled around and taken places, plus buying heavy bags of groceries etc.. how is it possible to go from owning a car to not? I still remember my university days where I took transit and the train all the time and I would do anything to not go back to that. It’s not easy whatsoever to be without a car, especially in this country where the transit system isn’t as developed as in Europe (for example) and everything is so far apart. Can’t even walk anywhere. 10/10 don’t recommend. I’ll gladly pay almost a $1000 to make sure I can get wherever whenever I need to, pick up my kid(s) on a whim from school or wherever, visiting family that’s hours away on a weekend, and being able to do a Costco run without worrying how I’d get it all back home (that’s not on my back).

  26. Can’t take advice so personally. What works for you may not work for others, etc.

  27. Sit in the backseat and test the BSM Warning feature before you commit.

  28. The blind spot monitoring on my 2018 hatch was so bad. If there were two left turn lanes and I was in the right one (so other people on my left also turning left) the BSM would go crazy. Absolutely hated it. Not sure if they fixed it in the 2019 refresh.

  29. The BSM in my 2016 hatch is a lifesaver. Also the 14-18 hatch has faaaaaar better visibility than the current gen that came out in 2019.

  30. Visibility part is true. It’s why I went for an 18 over a 19 or 20. Ended up selling it tho at peak market insanity. Just couldn’t resist the cash.

  31. Additional info in captions - trying to see what you guys think on price with add-ons…as well as price for Elantra trade-in

  32. Don’t trade your Elantra in for Pennies. Won’t comment on buying a 60K, but please don’t do that to yourself. Get the issues fixed and sell it elsewhere.

  33. Respect. It's entirely possible that I'll do the same thing sometime over the next 10 years, assuming they keep at least their current value. And assuming I can bring myself to get rid of them lol.

  34. Once you start moving things it gets easier. My partner and I went to Hawaii last year and it really helped me realize how little I’d miss everything if it disappeared.

  35. I was actually really interested in getting rid of all my retro stuff and emulate it on a steam deck. Is it hard to do?

  36. I’m located in Calgary. 2 adults and 2 kids. We spend about $1200-$1400 per month on food.

  37. Fresh Greenhouse produce also lasts FOREVER in the fridge. I’m in Medicine Hat and we have so many greenhouses in the area. We eat fresh produce all summer. So nice.

  38. Old american boats aren't especially economical considering fuel costs.

  39. Mine is really decent on the highway. Around 7L/100Km driving cruise control speed limit.

  40. 10L/100km is around half of what I'd want out of the kind of car I'd be using in OP's situation. To be honest I'd probably just buy an e-bike and use that, they're so much fun and can even be faster to get to work with depending on where you live.

  41. I’m on the e-bike train as well, so I don’t disagree on how great they are. But a lot of people need something to get around.

  42. I bought a 50s bungalow last year and it had no appliances. I negotiated that the seller give me $400 cash for a stove and was going to buy new.

  43. Can’t be that much more to buy a new one, no? Especially if you’re getting sold on a warranty.

  44. Agreed. But you know the true elite call here is rolling Marc Staal out there in overtime on the PK.

  45. I don't disagree on the corporate greed side of things. I'm 100% in on it, but there's nuance to the food discussion.

  46. McDonald’s USA’s meat isn’t subsidized but they can offer $1 mcchickens when the same sandwich here is $6+. I know our currency is a bit weaker but come on it’s not 1/6th

  47. Minimum wage in most states is significantly lower than Canada. Not comparable.

  48. Pokémon shiny gold (not sigma) by Zel (I think) was a very fun experience. Kind of modernizes Gen 2 with new mons and abilities.

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