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  1. They have a lot of the backstage interviewers crouch down so the wrestlers will appear taller.

  2. Yes! I recall those photos of him crouching floating around and being called the "Tomspiracy".

  3. That was my thought originally but then why isn't it "cheeseburger" and "uncheeseburger"?

  4. Holy hell have I got some stories from working retail many moons ago. Yes, customers can be incredibly dumb.

  5. Congrats on not only winning this months drawing but also on the upcoming engagement!

  6. I remember when more laptops than desktops started showing up at LANs and being somewhat pissy about it

  7. Unfortunately from my understanding KOF Neo Max cards are some of the hardest to find but only because the print run was so tiny

  8. Only the very best can make an hour long iron man match entertaining, so good luck with the record to everyone involved but I cannot imagine watching this lol

  9. Same although after a little digging it appears that rather than a traditional Iron Man Match it's actually a ten man tag match

  10. Out of curiosity what is the small business?

  11. If you are down for some Lucha, there is a show in Kennandale which is about 30 minutes out from Dallas on the 4th. Looks like Jacob Fatu, Shane Taylor, Willie Mack, and some lucha talent like Pagano are going to be on the card as well.

  12. I was lucky enough to be there in attendance for this entrance but unlucky to be in the crowd leaving depressed after he lost

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