1. I refuse to understand the choice to be ignorant. Trying to understand this would probably make me choose it.

  2. Vacation rental properties in various locations around the world.

  3. I love Golden Retrievers but can't get a big dog. My husband has placed a limit on poop size.

  4. The coach had booze in his water bottle. Players would talk about it among themselves and eventually it spread to the classroom where teachers told kids to stop spreading rumors. Some players told the administration that he smelled of booze and was drunk at practice and got brushed off. Eventually some parents showed up at practice and witnessed him drunk. Then he was asked to resign. Not fired.

  5. I LOVE having conversations with people who disagree with me when it's civil and open minded. It's really refreshing and enlightening. Similarly, I think dragons are frikin awesome

  6. Exactly. Reasonable minds need to be able to agree to disagree! Sadly polarization and us vs. them posturing is making conversations like the ones you describe less frequent.

  7. Pappy Van Winkle. I could start a cottage industry. No one can know the source of this remarkable bourbon.

  8. I want to drop dead unexpectedly and immediately while doing something I love. Preferably outside.

  9. Reasonable minds can disagree about aspects of enneagram and how to appropriately use it. There does seem to be a lot of authorities on here making didactic proclamations about tests, enneagram schools of thought, writers, tri-types, wings, instincts, correlations between mbti and enneagram, etc. etc.

  10. Ask people to start with the most important information first then be able to walk away if I don't need the other 20 minutes of supporting documentation and rah rah inspiration.

  11. The music is an emotional mirror for the film as well as providing location and character cues. Astounding achievement.

  12. I wanted to understand. Understanding things made me feel like I had more control so I asked lots of questions and read a lot. I also needed to feel respected in order to feel valued. Feeling loved wasn't enough. So I parroted adult ideas and mirrored adult responses in order to feel some sense of control and respect. I didn't fully understand most of it but I remember being interested in politics, science, philosophy, psychology even as a 9 or 10 year old because I felt so vulnerable without sufficient information.

  13. If you were in prison why are you white? You don’t ask people why they’re white, Karen!

  14. Crying? There is no crying in healthcare!

  15. I’m a 5 and I’d rather be respected for my ideas and skills than admired for my looks or other superficial traits or behaviors.

  16. Odd that freedom of speech does not extend to schools. Obviously only approved messages warrant protection

  17. The science. I know when life begins is not a cut and dried concept but I did research and considered a number of factors trying to be as objective as possible.

  18. Super kind and organized. Often unwilling to ask for what they need.

  19. Motherhood. You’re still allowed to have an identity outside of your kids, and you’re not “sooo busy” because you have to take 18 kids to 103 different activities — you’re allowed to tell them “hey, mom needs some time to do the things she enjoys, too, so let’s pick between soccer or ballet.”

  20. I don’t regret being a person with a life who happened to be a mom. My kids understood time, money, and personal energy were limited resources. They had to figure out how to entertain themselves and pursue their interests independently. They got a budget for enrolling in activities, lessons and summer camps. Nobody grew up with FOMO. They are reasonable, well rounded people with good work/relaxation balance.

  21. These things are like cults. They become an entire lifestyle, social network, and belief system for some people.

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