1. The M3 suppressed is the flanker’s best friend. They don’t know they’re being flanked until it’s too late.

  2. M3 Infrared is also a great choice. I spend most of my time switching between the two as I’m a sneaky bastard.

  3. Something pretty darn important from the looks of it. Perhaps Jimmy fell down the well again?

  4. the nuclear fallout created would blanket the entire northern hemisphere , killing us with radiation poisoning slowly but surely.

  5. It’s worse than that. It doesn’t take that many nuclear detonations to trigger a nuclear winter where enough debris gets blown into the atmosphere that the sun is blocked for years. All plants die and as soon as we run out of freeze dried and canned food, we all die too. Doesn’t matter where you are, it’s not survivable.

  6. That’s what a lot of repairs by support teammates looks like.

  7. We're having steak, lobster, champagne, and pea nut m&Ms

  8. Actually, hold the steak, lobster and champagne.

  9. Good thing there are no 1961 Lincoln Continental Convertibles in the game.

  10. I don’t even know what to say to this. I can’t imagine any scenario in which an applicant would somehow find any of that appropriate

  11. When they need to be “seeking employment” to still qualify for unemployment / welfare but don’t actually want to land a job?

  12. You should try the AA gun on top the water tower. You can shoot down planes and snipe at infantry from up there. It takes an unusually long time for the other side to realize where the fire is coming from most of the time.

  13. Military films are hard because you need to get the uniforms / equipment right. You didn’t.

  14. New Zealand still flies Skyhawks? They’re Vietnam War era planes.

  15. Yeah but the B-52 almost can’t be improved on. There’s a lot of planes better than an A-4.

  16. I'm really hoping all these idiots get arrested for all this

  17. Should make the for-profit prison industry happy. Whoops, wrong color!

  18. I play on XBox and the guys in my squad were complaining about this yesterday. One guy said he was rubberbanding like crazy. I was ok so not sure what’s up.

  19. Hahaha. I don’t think anyone expected that.

  20. Swinging that axe like a lumberjack. It seems to be one of the more effective melee weapons. Chop chop.

  21. One stolen tank can decide a game but two? No hope. Time to find another game.

  22. I have not but now I want to. I have been in several landing craft vs landing craft battles. Those are pretty epic with guys throwing grenades and launching rockets back and forth. Too bad they never got around to adding PT Boats to the game.

  23. I think Ivanka was helping him provide Jared information

  24. I’m hoping it was Barron. That kid doesn’t seem to like his sperm donor.

  25. All it takes is one who puts on a happy face at work but actually has some sense of honor and justice.

  26. The only times I've intentionally used them on single targets was against camping tanks, never got annoyed enough by a sniper. But to be fair, in numerous occasions I've used in what I though were multiple enemies to just destroy 2 sand bags

  27. Yeah, if a sniper can hit you, you can hit him back with a rifle or even a bazooka. Tanks are a different story so a camping tank = a V1.

  28. I have two orange ones. People are superstitious about the black ones but it's the orange ones you gotta watch, at all times...

  29. Stick with your squad and play medic until you get the hang of the movement and gunplay. It’s way different than BF1. You can self heal and stay alive longer to learn how the game feels faster.

  30. I’ve always liked the non-medic squad revive. A few reassuring words, a pat on the shoulder and you’re good as new! Really demonstrates the power of positive thinking.

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