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  1. I've had petitions never get reviewed and so I just stayed in the class and got the grade. Some professors just don't bother to look at them.

  2. Should I talk to the professor after class or just hope he doesn’t look at it?

  3. Practice exams or previous years exams if you have them (he reuses some questions). Also go over any quizzes you didn’t really understand or do well on. His exams are pretty easy if you’ve done that. I only watched lectures and did that and did pretty good in the class. Good luck


  5. Thank you, I’ll be dropping the class shortly

  6. Worth it for chem imo. After paying for owl, lab Manuel and notebook, Enderle’s reader and potentially the textbook depending on the professor you’re be paying more than if you had equitable access

  7. Just wait until he hears about floppy disks

  8. Just wait until he hears about floppy disks

  9. Metabolism is annoying, but I'm skipping breakfast and lunch to lose weight. Should work in theory

  10. Starving yourself isn’t healthy and can make losing weight harder sometimes. Try still having 3 meals but counting your calories and watching what you eat. Also try staying active, even if it’s just a short walk or jog every day. Good luck

  11. Same. When the audio cuts off close and re open the stream

  12. I did a psych EE and wrote about 500 words a day for about 7 days

  13. I think that if you just keep working out you’ll stop getting as sore. The first few times I worked out, especially new muscle groups, I got really sore but after about 3-4 times I kinda stopped getting sore. You’ll be tired for a little after for a little but that depends on the intensity of your workout.

  14. Okay but the whole reason I don't workout is because it makes me sore, so how do I just not get sore from working out?

  15. You just gotta tough it out the first few times

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