1. I kinda know I should haha. I just don't want to because she isn't wanted to ask you guys first. But I have lots of input now so I'll think about what to do!

  2. Is there a reason you want to make this particular sock? Because to be honest, it doesn't sound like a great pattern. Maybe if you tell us what appealed to you about it, we could help you find a similar pattern that might be easier to work and fit you better?

  3. My husband gave me a class there as a present years ago, and it was great. I like to think I’m a pretty reasonable cook, but I still learned lots of tips and tricks. I also got to try techniques I wouldn’t normally bother with at home, like confit duck. And the whole atmosphere was really nice - plus getting to eat the delicious food at the end with a nice glass of wine was the perfect way to finish.

  4. I have a vivid memory of being 17 and reading Jude the Obscure on vacation and crying for two days. My parents were like, wtf is going on? “I just need to process this.” 😩

  5. I vividly remember being on a jam-packed train when I read the particularly upsetting scene, and trying not to turn into a blubbering mess in front of everyone. It was awful.

  6. I'm a scifi fan and I was...not disappointed, but surprised at the lack of sci-fi books. Tons of Fantasy (you could have built a small dog house out of the copies of "A Song of Ice and Fire" and Sara Douglass books) but not much in the way of Sci-fi, like old classics such as Dune, or old Star Wars novels. I went to see if there were any Terry Pratchett books, an author with over 50 books with many many reprints, and after 2 days and about 8 hours, I only found 1 (in the Children's section, which is a blasphemy).

  7. My daughter found some Discworld novels in the children’s section of a bookshop we went to yesterday, but I suggested she might want to wait until she’s a little bit older (she’s only 7). I do need to see if I can find my copies of the Tiffany Aching books for her though.

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  9. NAD but the parent of a neurodivergent child. I would get him assessed. Knowledge is power, and if he is autistic, the earlier you can start both working to his strengths and helping him where he needs some extra support, the better it will be.

  10. Yes, it’s confirmed blood. They also said lots of white blood cells in the diaper, whatever that means.

  11. The white blood cells mean he has some sort of infection (this can include viral infections).

  12. Definitely got some eyes when I said that living in Sydney. They thought I was massively bogan.

  13. I’m an Adelaide transplant living in Brisbane, and the “what school did you go to” question (and talking about how everyone asks what school you went to) is just as big here as it was in Adelaide.

  14. Personally, I prefer when patients tell me where to look for their "good vein" or where they have the best luck. It's their body, why not listen? That being said, if I can't find anything I'm happy with (rare) I will give you options on where else I could check and let you choose. There's a huge stigma around patients being "dramatic" requesting a butterfly, but why should I let the request bother me? Of course I'll use a butterfly if you believe that will make your experience more comfortable...but I'll choose the appropriate sized butterfly based on your vein. It may be the exact same size as my straight needle.

  15. I love phlebotomists like you! There’s nothing worse than a phlebotomist who insists you’ll be fine with a regular needle, only to dig around for ages before admitting defeat - and then being successful with the first go with a butterfly needle. I’m so glad I’ve outgrown needing butterfly needles!

  16. OK found out it's Brush Turkey chicks. so going to let it go and see where they can find their mum/dad then.

  17. Don’t let it go in your own garden or it might never leave. I discovered this the hard way (not that I actually let it go - a baby got washed in with the floods last year, and we ended up having to pay a professional to relocate it and its mate because they were terrorising our poor chickens).

  18. I loved being an only child - I was conscious that I got a lot of opportunities that I probably wouldn’t have if I’d had siblings. I did get lonely sometimes, but that made me really good at entertaining myself.

  19. Firstly, I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband. It sounds like life hasn’t treated you too gently. I’m proud of your for everything you’ve dealt with.

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  21. NAD I would recommend seeing a continence therapist - I’ve seen one who is also a physiotherapist. I suspect the problem might indeed be because you’re not drinking enough, so your bladder is sending “full” signals too soon, because it’s not used to being properly full. If you can’t find (or afford) a therapist, something like these bladder drills might help (but I’m not an expert, so I’d really recommend seeing if you can find someone first):

  22. It took me a while to figure out, especially since I’m Australian, and we pronounce tulle as “tyulle” (or, more realistically “chool”)

  23. Oh boy. About ooo maybe 25 years ago, I (then 21m) was walking towards the shops after parking in the shopping centre car park. I noticed a little girl maybe 3ish approaching the road while her mum packed the groceries into the boot. I jumped out and stood in front of the girl with my hand out and said 'stop' just before she got go the gutter (so I basically put myself at risk being on the road. ) I was still a full metre from the child. The mum noticed I did this just as I was doing it, but did I get a thank you? No. I got yelled at for being a creep. I said I was stopping your kid from entering the road, she just gave me a really foul look and scooped her kid up. Why do I remember that clearly? Cuz I felt like shit having that connotation leveled at me. At least the kid was safe.

  24. That’s really sad. I was travelling with two young kids and various extended family members. As we were leaving our hotel and getting in the taxi, my 1.5-year-old broke away from everyone and started running towards the (extremely busy) road. A young bloke on the footpath stepped out and blocked her way for long enough for me to go and pick her up. You can bet I thanked him incredibly profusely!

  25. I got asked that when I was 3 months post partum I just said “no I’m just fat” lol

  26. I’m 2.5 years post-partum, but I have a chronic disease that makes me look pregnant. I don’t even get asked if I’m pregnant, but questions like how far along I am, or when I’m due.

  27. I have a chronic illness that causes swelling in my stomach too. Usually it's not too notable, I'm a fairly petite person.

  28. Oh ew, that made me shudder. I’ve never had anyone touch me, thankfully. But I did have a woman in my office ask me the other day when I’m finding out the sex of my baby.

  29. Not a transplant recipient (and not in Darwin for that matter), but as someone who’s likely to need a transplant much sooner than I expected, I’d love a link to your podcast.

  30. It can also make it difficult if you want to move onto more advanced stitches and techniques in the future.

  31. I’ve parked at McWhirters so many times and I’ve never had an issue. I always book online

  32. Great to know! Sounds like it’ll be a good option there. My husband’s had a rough go of it over the past few years, and we never normally get to go out together, so I just want to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible :)

  33. Plenty of parking but nothing too close to Mr Vain. Might be worth getting a taxi so they can drop you off directly out front.

  34. Mmm, getting a taxi from home is going to be way too expensive, but I’m thinking parking somewhere like Newstead and catching a taxi from there could be an option.

  35. I have to skip any of the ones with Nana. Lost my mom this year, my little one is 18 months now. She loved him and her other grandkids. We were so close, it’s tough without her.

  36. I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my mum unexpectedly just over a year ago. It sucks so much. If you ever need someone to talk to about it, feel free to message.

  37. There are fruit shops in the southside (I'm talking Pinelands Sunnybank) that are 24 hours if that strikes your fancy for some reason

  38. Not just the southside- Cabbage Patch at Deagon is also open 24 hours and they sell delicious samosas for $1 each (not sure if they have them around the clock - I’ve only been there in the daytime).

  39. Thanks for doing this. I’m really struggling today to be honest. The last few years have been really hard. My husband has been dealing with a really bad ankle injury that has left him severely disabled and unable to work, so I’ve been working two jobs, plus doing everything around the house and looking after our three young kids. I lost my mum unexpectedly to a stroke secondary to kidney disease in October last year, then our house flooded in the February floods. I had to have my beloved cat put down, and then the week before last I found out that my kidney disease is progressing faster than we expected, and I’m on track to need dialysis within the next five years (although I’m determined to beat the odds). I work really hard to stay positive most of the time, but today I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed.

  40. Thanks so much! I had a lovely chat with my aunt this afternoon - she has the same disease as my mum and me, so it’s really great to talk to someone who gets it. And I have a recommendation for a good psychologist, so as soon as they reopen in the new year I’ll book an appointment.

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