1. rockets love big international men :heart_eyes:

  2. Lamelo Ball is not a winning player and is not a franchise cornerstone type prospect. He’s inefficient, he plays no defense, doesn’t take care of the ball, and has a terrible shot selection. People give him way too much credit because he is flashy but no one sees all of his terrible moments.

  3. He has a high ceiling. I think under a different coach he’d look better

  4. Ein Tweet nicht zu Corona, ich bin überrascht

  5. Your word in Hansi's ear. I don't wanna see Müller as a striker ever again

  6. Fucking Sané robbed us of an even spicier situation there where all teams have 3 points

  7. Sané was one of the reasons why we came back.

  8. Juventus fans glad that Allegri is their manager now!

  9. Don’t disrespect Serie A manager of the month Massimiliano Allegri

  10. Lampard is not the problem. He can’t fix that offense with this personel

  11. It was, 2014 was bad but we played tough teams and narrowly lost two games, 2010 we had no excuses and looked very poor in every game and then as soon as we played a decent team we got smashed.

  12. Ref fucked y’all with the Lampard shot

  13. Germany id also awful just saying... you will lose to spain tonight.

  14. We had lots of chances. We’re easily better than both

  15. he can start both though muller works so much better with a real #9

  16. Müller is not good for years in the NT

  17. Sané is obviously talented as hell but his decision making is fucking terrible. It's like he always goes for the play that makes him look the best if it works out

  18. After his substitution we looked much better. He deserves the least amount of blame. Müller was awful today

  19. Idk what game you've been watching if you think Germany has been better

  20. Better team scored mate, hopefully you kick on now and open the game up a bit more your attack has been dire

  21. Does he usually have a good distance shot?

  22. If if helps, it’s a sign that Germany is playing much better than how everyone thought they would…it’s promising!

  23. Never give him so much space, his distance shot is crazy

  24. Does Müller really HAVE to play?

  25. Müller always plays. He’s our leader and super important

  26. How tf.. and I thought Belgium would make the final

  27. His crossing was awful. Keep crossing the ball into a pack of Morrocan defenders.

  28. My condolences that you have to watch him on a weekly basis

  29. Why not start Trossard, Doku, Faes and co? It's really clear the old guard isn't cutting it. Persisting with Hazard when he hasn't been good for 3-4 years is baffling. I'd be fuming if I was Belgian.

  30. Even Carrasco would be a good option for the last 20 minutes on the wing. Hazard looked awful

  31. Has Lukaku changed the game at all?

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