Alex Jones files for bankruptcy

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  1. If you want the best of both worlds (Dolby Vision + game where input lag won't kill you), then Forza Horizon 5 is one hell of a showcase. It looks GORGEOUS.

  2. That live Dollop show last month was a fantastic time.

  3. The only thing I don't like about it is that they tend drag out their improv reenactment bits, seemingly more so during the live shows. Otherwise it's great.

  4. It was fun to see how those happen though, and what a wild ride of a story

  5. Hot For Teacher would qualify as definitely possible but very difficult with Rock Band drums.

  6. It's about time his bank balance matched his morality.

  7. I dunno. I listened to the interview where he describes what FTX was doing, and his description is exactly that of a ponzi scheme. But he seemed genuinely not to understand that it was a ponzi scheme. So he may be telling the truth here. But I don't know how to square that him graduating from MIT.

  8. He's the sort that is convinced whatever he believes is right and just because he is right and just, even when all empirical evidence points to the contrary.

  9. Everyone had Bezos pegged as Dr. Evil, but really it was Elon Musk all along.

  10. Bezos is Lex Luthor. Musk is absolutely Dr. Evil, with all the incompetence that entails.

  11. This would be 81/82, yeah? "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains" wasn't released until 1982. But most importantly, Lonesome Dove isn't what put her on the map. That would be Stains followed by The Outsiders. (To say nothing of Rumble Fish, Cotton Club, Streets of Fire, etc.) She was already quite famous by the time Lonesome Dove came around in 89.

  12. Fair point, but 9 year old me sitting in a theater watching the Outsiders....she was a formative experience.

  13. I like the addition of the “this is fine” dog in the background.

  14. Schools should use "Anime Club" as a way to teach toxic fandom.

  15. I'm trying to think, are there any other bands where 3 different members sang on hit songs?

  16. The Beatles. The Beach Boys. Mama's and the Papas. Peter, Paul, and Mary. The Monkees. Squeeze.

  17. Sang, but didn't necessarily take lead vocals or have hits associated solely with them

  18. KC fans, whats the actual best BBQ sauce we should get and take back home whenever we end up in that area?

  19. Comes down to personal style. Joe's KC and Night of the Living Sauce are my two favorites, but Gates and Bryant's still have their fans.

  20. Corrected to Night of the Living Sauce (thanks, fever brain!). You can see the bottle style here, but it's to be found at just about any grocery here in town.

  21. If your amp is connected to the TV and you have HDMI-CEC for both devices, you can do this. Typically you'll need to enable that in both your TV and AV/Reciever, either via settings for the HDMI port itself, or a general "power and control" setting.

  22. It could continue successfully as a criminal money laundering system.

  23. With it being in freefall for so long, it's not even a half-way decent means by which to buy drugs, let alone launder.

  24. Dollar Store Mandalorian doesn't belong in the same universe as muttonchops.

  25. Fondant got the job done, but at what cost

  26. Who wants cake when you could have only mildly more-edible playdoh?

  27. Hahaha, congrats! Man, I'm still mad I missed being able to get the Abbey Road DLC

  28. I literally had a reel where my tits we’re on full display. Ffs, my nipple was barely covered and I even said in the description it was a thirst trap. 220k+ views and no issue. My showing a foot while lounge with my husband fully clothed? disgusting…

  29. That's some I Love Lucy/separate beds level stuff. Which, by the way, would be the standard you'd be held to by the commenters on GoComics.

  30. MSFT is in solid, solid shape and while their hardware is a loss leader, they are raking in money on the Xbox side. This is about growth (game pass, exclusives, mobile gaming), not staunching the bleeding.

  31. It's meant to be read in Patrick Warburton's voice.

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