1. This happened all the time for me personally, since the first day. It will have a couple good days then i cant hear one song at the gym without one of them going out for a interval of time. Think it has to do with the touch sensors in the buds but would like to know if this can be fixed

  2. Just practice. As a teenager you almost condition yourself to cum fast so you don’t get caught by your parents. Or to only cum with watching porn. So just gradually condition yourself to last longer every time you cum.

  3. I am new to building but this is the exact style stack im looking to build. Could you send me the names of these model enclosures? if you're willing I would love to chat a bit about the building process and what resources you utilized. (:

  4. Hard labor? Are you going to work on a chain gang? There are certainly hard days as an electrician but there are plenty of easier days. I pretty much work 40 hour weeks and gross about $95,000 a year. What is your idea of a comfortable wage? Your wage depends a lot on where you live but this can be offset by the cost of living.

  5. Thats whats confusing for me, in high school I thought 50-70k a year was comfortable but my views on this are manipulated and screwed by comparison with former colleagues. Also, in the service companies ive worked for, most of the guys who have worked this industry 10 years longer than me are only making 7$ more than me... idk im just overwhelmed with uncertainty of my future. I want to be able to travel the world and put my children through college without a struggle.

  6. Yo literally after Eva i was feeling just like you , im telling you what you need to watch is Berserk, it becomes a mega mindfuck towards the end of the 25 episodes just like Eva.

  7. Exactly. Expansion pass= Peril on Gorgon DLC + Murder on Eridanos DLC.

  8. I bought expansion pass but it only downloadex pedil on gorgon, wheres murdr on eridanos?

  9. Also if anyone has a better quality video of this song i would love to receive it

  10. Listen to Infinite Forms of Creation (Forgotten Name) - Rodman "Lux" Williams by BrandonDeBolt on #SoundCloud

  11. Your the best (: this was the calm after the storm for me

  12. Definitely lots of drugs, it got a little too I tense for me during sudden death so we went and sat by the two headbutting Dino's. It was super chill, met lots of cool people and had a great view of the paradox from afar. Would've liked to see more shade structures though.

  13. Unfortunately my group is an up close & personal type of group. Every important set had to be front center. I personally believe far back and comfortable is a way better experience by miles

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