1. Trans/non binary: 1.6% of the population committed 4 out of the last 300 mass shootings, (1.6%).

  2. It’s a cmmg barrel and bolt carrier, a charging handle, a fcg and mag release, and probably $8 worth of pla

  3. If you are taking any design adjustment requests, some of us are utterly in love with the Tec-9 and would love to see some 6-8" length versions of the barrel shroud you have shown.

  4. theres already an longer version in my file, this one matches the bbl i have

  5. What is your odd sea name? I’d like to follow.

  6. That’s what I do. Buy a colt for $1000, sell the lower on gun broker for $500-800 then rebuild on psa lower.

  7. Is that a mossberg stock and trigger housing? You should release this man i have the parts ready to go

  8. It requires a lot of proprietary parts so I probably won’t release this model but I may release a modified version

  9. Where can i get the files for this? Im pissing my gf off today😂

  10. In other news, contractors like their brand new f150s they drive at home more than the the work truck with 642,677 miles …

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