1. Big h was just a quirked up white boy he just got a little too silly with it

  2. Oxymoron. How is giving someone the easy way out of their shitty existence a penalty

  3. I’m pretty sure most people don’t want to die

  4. Serial killers and spree shooters aren’t most people. Why do you think so many homicides end in a suicide? They don’t want to live with what they’ve done


  6. Seems like a silly way for some scientists to sniff their own farts but cool I guess

  7. It’s not entirely a scientific concept. It’s a read on the geo-political interconnected world we live on and the balance of the psychological affects of war in leaders that could kill us all. However this is quite a weird take you have here.

  8. I get that but it seems pretty pointless. Anyone can do some research and see how fucked we are. Going out of our way to quantify our time left will probably just lead to paralysis and ultimately apathy among the public more than anything but that’s just my opinion

  9. Just hate yourself so when something does feel personal you don’t really care. Works for me

  10. Light potato chip scene is the greatest scene in television history

  11. Grabbing my arm and feeling my ripped biceps without my permission

  12. I’d be easily irritable, would be easy to get under my skin if you will

  13. Actually it would be hard. Can't get under what doesn't exist

  14. The spaghetti my school served was the worst war crime in our history as a nation

  15. The games are cool. I enjoy watching them. But ultimately it's not the best possible baseball competition. Sure the DR, Japan, and the US have essentially teams of all stars, but the Netherlands, Great Britian, and almost every other team don't. There will be tons of guys who never sniff a major league roster. And if one of them doesn't get a good grip on their slider and breaks Ohtani's finger thats horrible for all baseball. I want to watch the best of the best compete against the best. That's MLB. And I dont blame MLB for taking steps to protect themselves from something that is ultimately not MLB.

  16. I mean yea that’s fair, sorry for being an asshole lol I’m just tired of the super MLB centric attitude I always see with us American fans. Yes it’s the biggest best most glamorous league without a doubt but that comes with the biggest responsibility for growing the game, at which they’re kind of shitting the bed. Ironically I think the most likely team to hurt Ohtani would be the US since we always send out the most mid pitching staff possible partly because of this very attitude. I really hope something to do with WBC is in the next CBA but it’s probably more like 2 CBA’s away sadly

  17. The WBC is cool. And I hope they find a way to keep the competition good while protecting MLB. But, as a Mets fan, I'd be furious to see Starling Marte in the WBC this year. Team isn't even sure he'll be 100% for opening day. He shouldn't be playing this year. It sucks, but he accepted millions to be available for the Mets. If the Mariners want another taste of post season revenue instead of starting another 20 something year drought, they'll need 30 good starts from the guy they just gaurenteed nine figures to. Teams should be able to protect their seasons within a good reason.

  18. I think most will agree that it’s cool but I want it to get to a point where we look forward to it and talk about it years down the line, not just a cool little sideshow right before ST you know? Not saying it should eclipse the WS or anything but who wouldn’t want something somewhat similar in the spring every 4 years? Fans of shitty cheap teams will have something else to hang their hat on. Fans from countries where MLB is a bitch to even watch will have something else to be excited for.

  19. Meanwhile I can’t even get on the treadmill twice in a week fuck me

  20. Ayyy there's always next week, and different kinds of cardio if the treadmill doesn't call to you!

  21. That’s the thing, cardio in general doesn’t call to me, unless it involves playing a sport. Sadly everyone’s always too busy to play pickup basketball nowadays :/ but thanks for the encouragement I’m definitely trying

  22. They add personality to a face which is awesome. I wish people would stop getting work done on perfectly normal imperfections

  23. I want to do a DNA trace thing but I’m scared to find out how English I am

  24. Full metal jacket is the best I’ve seen but I still need to watch some other classics

  25. I was in Jamaica where they have jerk chicken. I asked if they have jerk goat any they said yes, then brought out a cup of goat semen and said " We love to jerk the goat mon!"

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